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  1. ok so i posted this just because a like system on a forum could be ''fun'' 

    god did i know this kinda simple light hearted thread would create this kinda talk, damn gurl

    sorry for asking i guess? BountifulDefensiveCanvasback-max-1mb.gif

    (of course you guys are entitled to your own opinion but yeah, i did not see this coming basically)



    i did not read all replies really but to reply a little bit

    the fact people care about getting likes on forums and else where and that they get depressed if they don't get ''enough'' or get ''disliked'' instead  and so it turns into an abusive system is not my fault

    nobody's fault that some people just take things way too far and care about stupid things like getting likes

    you shouldn't care about whether you get 1 like on your forum post or 0

    and if you do care , you need to rethink some stuff, just saying


    a freaking like system i assume was originally created to be a positive thing and the fact people turned it into a fkin war system is just sad

    doesn't mean a forum would be bad having a like system

    (on my own forum i only allow like feature, no dislike feature for reasons mentioned above)

    getting likes on post is just a way to show you appreciate something, what the heck is wrong with that? 

    so you can post to show appreciation as well... yeah ok but what's the big deal if you just want to show appreciation by clicking a like button


    again, i know you are entitled to your own opinion but i think some people are taking this like system suggestion way too serious, for crying out loud, this is a forum and one filled with decent nice people as far as i can tell so far, this is not youtube or a social media platform, please



    @Orchi'dea thank you for feeling me

    @Fuzzbucket who would know? the person who created the post lol, a like system should auto come with a notification system attached, so people get notified when their post was liked

    which could lead to a smile on someones face + on a lot of other forums posting the word ''like'' only is considered spamming and that is not allowed on most forums, presumably this forum included.

    you coming up with all kinds of reasons why this shouldn't happen and some of them are actually kinda weird to me to put it nicely

    ''The idea of a long string of tab's avatars on a single post showing WHO liked it is truly awful - it would make the page cluttered and would impede reading.''

    do you even know what a like system looks like on a ipb forum? (which is the software this forum uses) if you don't then.................

    https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/443720-my-new-nice-landing-page/ the support forum of the software that is used here

    there you go, that's how a like system looks like on ipb, nothing like you ''imagined''

    not cluttering anything AT ALL

    from my impression so far you don't seem to know a lot about how a like system works on a forum let alone on a ipb forum like this one yet you already came fired up

    with all sorts of reasons and theorys why its ''oh so horrible''

    yet i could make a list of plenty of good things about a like button but i didn't do that when i created this thread as what's the point? it should be obvious, just saying


    see again, i really don't see the problem adding an innocent like system on a forum

    as long as you do not feature the dislike button, people can't get easily ''hurt'' by getting dislikes as that is supposedly a thing


    FYI i honestly do not give a crap whether it gets added on here or not in the end

    I JUST GOT HERE so i'm not invested in this place

    this was just a freaking simple suggestion lol , one that i thought could be a nice addition but clearly people got problems with it 

    so whatever, fine by me , suit yourself


    gonna be fun when im gonna post another suggestion for this place, if ever lol <3

  2. KPOP

    14 hours ago, LaHaine said:


    Yup. Currently, I'm a big fan of BTS, Block B, Blackpink and Twice :) And years ago, I used to listen to SNSD, f(x) and 2ne1

    cool :D

    i like blackpink too and twice a bit too

    my fav songs are

    blood sweat and tears, playing with fire and likey

    what about you

  3. hi


    why doesn't this forum have the usual like system like every other forum has got?

    i guess it is not nessacary to survive on a forum but still

    it's fun and easy thing to use , especially when you want to reply but not reply to something, you know what i mean :P

  4. i would love to get a tattoo when i have more money in the future

    2 probably

    1 related to my love for linkin park and another one probably with one of my fav quotes

    maybe even a third , a quote in korean

  5. i have been watching this for a while now, seen all seasons

    waiting for new episodes

    though i think the new current season is a bit lame

    definitely not my fav


    rumple is boss btw