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  1. Dave is an NPC until after the Bazaar mission, wherein he will replace Tails as one of my PCs. (To explain: Dave and Tails will effectively swap places: Dave will become a PC, Tails will become an NPC.) Name: Dave Strider Origin: Homestuck Info: Dave is the Knight of Time in his session and the ectobiological son of Dirk Strider. He was abused physically and mentally by his version of Dirk, known only as "Bro". He is obsessed with being cool, which manifests itself in his unceasing pursuit of new ironic depths. Abilities: Time travel (for the sake of the RP, I'm tweaking it so that it's only in relevancy to himself or those around him if desired); he can use this ability to do the following: freeze enemies in place for a short amount of time, reverse damage done to both himself and others (essentially heal), revive those who have recently died (as in "died a minute ago" recent), travel forward or backwards in time, and create "copies" of himself. Swordplay proficiency Sylladex/Strife Deck utilization (i.e. unlimited inventory + weaponry, depending on what he's got in there); as of arrival, the only thing(s) in his Sylladex/Strife Deck are his Timetables and his sword (Caledfwlch) respectively. Conditional Immortality: unless his death is Heroic (i.e. saving someone else, sacrificing himself for the greater good, etc) or Just (he was directly responsible for terrible actions and thus had to die), Dave will revive after a short amount of time. Flight. (Thank you god tier.) Link to wiki: http://mspaintadventures.wikia.com/wiki/Dave_Strider Extra: Dave was taken during from Earth-C, meaning he has beaten Sburb with his friends and was living a peaceful life up until he was taken by the anomaly. Due to Bro's abuse and probably Sburb as a whole, Dave is highly speculated to have some form of PTSD. He's damn good at hiding it under his cool kid facade though. He is a trans man!!!!! Got that top surgery + HRT, but no bottom surgery. (Dunno why I felt the need to mention that, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ bite me.)
  2. ( THIS IS STUPID | Sonic, Tails, Signless, Dualscar ) "Okay, y'all ready for this?" "This is undeniably stupid..." "You're goin' to hurt yourself guppy. I can feel it; this ain't a vwise idea." "Nah, I'll be fine!" Sonic was crouched on the floor in a runner's starting pose, eyeing the electrified bars with a determination that only a man who had no idea what the hell he was getting into would have. He curled up into a spin-dash, charging up power into it while Signless and Dualscar watched wordlessly, completely confused by his actions. Before Sonic launched, Tails spoke up. "Wait, Sonic! The bars, they're--!!" Too late. Sonic launched into them at full spin-dash speed, electrocuting himself so badly he actually passed out again. "... electrified." "... you should a vwarned him before he did that." "I know..." His ears wilt and his tails stop idly wagging, a look of absolute and utter guilt crossing his features.
  3. ( He ditched us! But new friends, so...? | Sonic, Tails, Signless, Dualscar ) When Sonic and Tails came to, the hedgehog was immediately aware of where they were, not because he could actually see in the dimly lit cell, but rather because his entire body was having a reaction. A reaction of panic. "Oh..." He couldn't get out more than a sound at the moment, not trusting his vocal chords to actually speak for the time being. Sitting up, he looked around. First thing he saw was Tails, who - aside from the injuries sustained in the fight against that dragon-thing seemed fine - and thus he let a smile creep up onto his face. Then he noticed the distinct lack of a certain boy's presence. Joshua bailed on us! I mean, good that he was able to get away, but come on! Stick around for your friends why don't you?! Sonic sighed, pulled out of his thoughts by a new voice. "Oh, thank the horrorterrors you're awake!" the owner of the voice said, voice full of relief. He sounded as if he'd genuinely been worried, which compared to some others he'd met lately was a breath of fresh air. And he had a friendly face to match the voice, too! "Your friend came to a little while ago; I was hoping you would too! I'm the Signless, by the way. It's nice to meet you." "Vwantas, is the guppy avwake?" The other voice sounded deeper, more seasoned with life's hardships than the Signless's voice and was accented in a very strange way, and the violet mariner stood up from where he was sitting. "Good... Glad you came to, mate. Vwelcome back to the land a the livwin' lad. Vwhat's your name? You can call me Dualscar." "Sonic. My friend is Tails." "Vwell, here's vwhat I noticed vwith the Signless vwhen vwe first arrivwed here. Vwe can't use any semblance a magic, an our vweapons vwere all confiscated. Vwithout the Crosshairs I'm as good as marooned. An Signless vwon't be much use vwithout his sickles." "That's implying I could fight in my current state. My wrists are still cuffed, Dualscar." Signless sighed, holding up the Cancer symbol shaped irons still clasped around his wrists while Sonic was thinking. If I can get up the physical strength to do it, I can probably spin-dash the door open... I just need to get my energy back. "Leave the jailbreak to me, guys. I've busted my way out of jail before; I can do it again! I just don't have all the help I had last time. We'll bust out, get your weapons back, and get out. Sound like a plan?" "Yeah!" "I'll help however possible." "Vwe'll leavwe it to you, then."
  4. Dualscar is an NPC until after the Bazaar mission, wherein he will replace Joshua as one of my playable characters. Get rekt'd Josh. (To explain: Dualscar and Joshua will effectively swap places: Dualscar will become a player character, Joshua will become an NPC.) Name: Orphaner Dualscar (speculated real name: Cronus Ampora) Origin: Homestuck Info: The ancestor of Eridan Ampora, and the post-scratch incarnation of Cronus Ampora; "Orphaner" is likely a reference to Eridan's – and possibly Dualscar's – duty of killing other trolls' lusii in order to feed Gl'bgolyb, leaving them orphaned. He attempted to inform the Grand Highblood of Mindfang's location, but was killed by the subjugglator for being unable to tell a decent joke. Abilities: While he isn't shown to have many abilities in canon, I've listed the following as speculated abilities. Riflekind strife specibus (primary weapon) Knowledge in varying kinds of swordplay. A wide range of sailing knowledge. Underwater breathing (he has ****in gills) Link to wiki: http://mspaintadventures.wikia.com/wiki/Ancestors#Orphaner_Dualscar Extra: This is fanart so it's not his "canon" appearance, but seeing as he's almost always a silhouette in canon, i figured it's good to have a point of reference for his looks. Boop. Dualscar was taken just after he had the Dolorosa executed and after he rejected the Marquise as his kismesis.
  5. Name: The Signless / The Sufferer (speculated real name: Kankri Vantas) Origin: Homestuck Info: The ancestor of Karkat Vantas, and the post-scratch incarnation of Kankri Vantas. Like the other ancestors, he was one of the twelve unsuccessful heroes from the original, pre-scratch session; however, unlike the others, he gradually began to remember his previous existence on Beforus, to which Doc Scratch speculates is a side effect of his mutant, candy red blood. Abilities: While he isn't shown to have many abilities in canon, I've listed the following as speculated abilities. Natural leadership skills. Ability to see visions linked to [his] past lives. (a Seer of Blood ability) Sicklekind strife specibus. Link to wiki: http://mspaintadventures.wikia.com/wiki/Ancestors#The_Signless_.2F_The_Sufferer Extra: This is fanart so it's not his "canon" appearance, but seeing as he's almost always a silhouette in canon, i figured it's good to have a point of reference for his looks. Boop. Signless was taken from just before his death, and as such is often referred to more as the Sufferer. His wrists are burned and marred from the hot irons that were around his wrists (and we're probably going to have to get those removed).
  6. [ Sonic + Caliburn | Tails | Joshua - White Kyurem fight ] Seeing all the attacks on the creature made Sonic grin. It was finally time for some action; no more waiting around! Gripping Caliburn by the hilt, Sonic idly wondered how much of his knight training he actually remembered as he rushed toward the Pokémon. Clearly, he didn't remember much at all, as his attack was wobbly and definitely lacking practice, but the hedgehog could only hope that his attacks actually did any kind of damage. "You need more practice, Sir Sonic!" "You're getting told off by a sword," Tails laughed, setting up Chu² Bombs to chase down and explode around White Kyurem's feet, all while snickering at Sonic getting yelled at by a sword. It was hilarious to him. He wasn't taking this seriously at all. Joshua, unlike the twin-tailed fox, was taking this more than seriously. This thing was bigger than Anguis Cantus, and probably at least as powerful as Panthera Cantus. Even with his strength, the Composer knew one thing: he was not going to be able to take this thing down alone. Good thing he wasn't alone. Pulling his phone out of his pocket, he tapped in a stream of digits, a smirk crossing his face punching in the last number. "You're done!" A beam of light came from above, seemingly out of nowhere, to strike White Kyurem. "... Jesus beams. Huh. That's impressive. Nice one, J.!"
  7. [ Sonic | Tails | Joshua - White Kyurem fight ] The sudden eruption of the earth below them prompted all three to move as fast as possible. Which, unfortunately for them all, was not fast enough - to Sonic's chagrin; he was always fast enough! Tails was the one who avoided most of the damage; he was able to get up in the air fast enough for it to only lick his shoe, while Joshua and Sonic were not fast enough to avoid a bit of damage. Joshua's entire left leg was caught when he jumped to the side, and the human boy hissed in pain. Sonic, out of all of them, simply got distracted. Out of nowhere - literally! - a certain blade came down and hit Sonic in the head hilt-first, accidentally causing him to take the brunt of the earthshattering attack. "Ow! Who threw that!? Seriously, that's just-- Caliburn?" "Sir Sonic!" the blade exclaimed. "It is good to see you again, sire!" "Who's that?" "No time!" Joshua said, standing up and looking at White Kyurem and Bowser. "This fight is far from over, and I think its time we took more of an active approach!" A grin crossed the hedgehog's features and he looked at Caliburn. "You willing to help me out here pal?" "Yes, sire!" "Sweet! What's a knight without his blade and a dragon to slay?!" He was only saying that for show. He wasn't actually going to kill Kyurem.
  8. ( Maybe we should stay outta this for now... (White Kyurem: Round 1) - Sonic | Tails | Joshua ) "Tails, c'mon, we should help this guy out!" Sonic shouted, just about ready to bolt off running when Joshua put a hand on his head and stopped him. "What's the big idea?!" "Look at the size of that thing. The most powerful Noise isn't even that big, and the only reason the biggest is bigger than that is because of me!" Joshua said, brows furrowed and deadly serious. "Clearly the one fighting it is our ally right now, and he was knocked into the ground. It's powerful. I don't know if even I could handle it. That being said..." Tails looked at Sonic and put a hand on his shoulder, gently pulling the hedgehog backwards and away from the ongoing fight. "Maybe we should back up for now. We'll jump in when it's weaker, 'cause I think Joshua's right. We won't be much help against it as it is right now." "Ugh... Fine."
  9. ( So that thing was alive? (Gobin's Shop) - Sonic | Tails | Joshua ) "Not bad! You okay, Tails? That thing didn't hurt you, right?" Sonic didn't seem too awfully hurt, but he definitely had a bruised ego now; first he kept missing the axe - which wasn't a hard thing to miss! - and then his own little buddy took the spotlight and took it down before he had a chance to. Not that the latter actually bothered the hedgehog too much. It was nice to see how much stronger Tails was now compared to when they first met. Tails brushed some black powder from the Chu² Bomb - the bombs he'd used against the axe - that exploded in his face. How it had malfunctioned in the first place was beyond the twin-tailed fox, but at least the second one seemed to take the axe down. "It didn't. Though one of my own bombs tried to take me down. I'll probably be the first young inventor to die of black lung." The black lung thing was a joke, but given how he coughed up more black powder, it almost seemed serious. "Don't worry though, I'm okay." "That was quite an impressive show, even though you needed help, clearly," Joshua said, hands in his pockets and a grin on his face. "It almost had you both, too. How are you feeling? And shouldn't you say 'thank you' to the people who helped you take it out?" "Zip it. You didn't even fight, so you got no room to talk." "Yeah! And besides, we were getting to that!" Tails huffed at Joshua before sticking out his tongue and going over to Illidan, but stopping the moment he noticed something was extremely, extremely wrong. He looked up. He saw Reshiram and Kyurem fuse, he heard the voice in his head. Instinctively, he backed up closer to Sonic. Both Sonic and Joshua reacted the telepathic voice. Sonic seemed concerned, but ready to fight even if injured, while Joshua just seemed... bored and unfazed. As if this were a joke to him. The hedgehog chuckled and ran his thumb under his nose. "I got the feelin' that this is round two! You in if it is, Josh?" "You bet."
  10. ( Joshua | Sonic | Tails - Buy Ya Goblins Goblin's Shop ) While he didn't know how he got here or why he was here, Tails could tell that the abundance of weaponry and metal meant that he could maybe find some things he could use to fix his plane. Because that was broken. Again. But the floating runed sword in front of the shop he wanted to go to was definitely stopping him from coming any closer. "That... is freaky." He could hear something coming up behind him. "Who's the-" Before he could get another word out, the fox was scooped up and hugged and he almost freaked out 'til he looked over his shoulder and smiled. "Sonic!" "Heya buddy! Thought I was alone here except for Priss McRuffles, so I'm glad you're here. What the heck's that thing? And... is that a dragon being attacked by an axe?" Sonic looked over to Reshiram and the flying axe, before sighing and looking at Tails. "Guess our work's never done, right? Let's go pal!" "Right!" "Oh come on, am I nothing?!" Joshua crossed his arms and huffed, pouting as Sonic and Tails ran off in Reshiram's direction to get a better look at that axe. Well, more like Sonic ran and Tails flew.
  11. Name: Miles "Tails" Prower (responds mainly to Tails) Origin: Sonic the Hedgehog (franchise) Info: Tails has a distinct love for mechanics and he finds himself most at home in his workshop working on his next creation. Despite his great skills, Tails is very humble about his abilities, never giving them many thoughts, though he has yet to discover his true potential of what he can accomplish; at the time of Sonic Lost World, Tails has become more confident and outspoken about his intelligence, though he still does not openly brag. Abilities: Flight Genius-level intellect Skilled inventor and mechanic Super speed (though not to the same extent/speed as Sonic) Enhanced durability Enhanced acrobatic skills and reflexes Hand-to-hand combat skills Piloting skills Driving skills Extreme Gear riding skills Grinding Harnessing chaos energy Link to wiki: http://sonic.wikia.com/wiki/Miles_"Tails"_Prower Extra: Tails also has a plane known as the Tornado, as well as many other little gadgets. With Sonic he can perform combo attacks, and likely is not seen too far from the hedgehog. (Yes, I probably should have mentioned that on Sonic's writeup as well, but Tails wasn't one of my characters at the time so NYEH.)
  12. ( Joshua | Sonic - Black Market Entrance) "Look, I know we just met an' all but could you be any slower?" The blue hedgehog tapped his foot at the ashen blond, rolling his eyes as the other kept browsing the goods at the bazaar. To Joshua, there was no reason to rush. Turning to look at Sonic, he offered a smile - one that Sonic easily recognized as "you can't do anything about this". "Now dear, is that any way to talk to a new friend? And friends accompany friends on shopping trips, so stop complaining!" "I'll complain all I want! We're in a place we don't understand and don't know, and my friends could be in danger!" "Your friends will be fine without you. You have a new friend here, and plenty of other new friends to choose from." As if to emphasize his point, Joshua gestured in the general direction of the bazaar. "So settle down and stop fidgeting. You look like you can't sit still. You'll draw unwanted attention and people will think you're a thief. Unless that's your plan, dear little mouse~" "I'm a hedgehog," Sonic grumped, crossing his arms and sighing. "Fine. Might as well explore a bit myself. I'm thinkin' about headin' over to get somethin' to eat; you comin'?" "Fine. Let's go, then."
  13. Name: Sonic the Hedgehog Origin: Sonic the Hedgehog (franchise) Info: Sonic's personality is a juxtaposition of kindness and ferocity; he is extremely benevolent, driven by his own strong sense of justice and fair play, and firmly stands for truth and freedom. However, he is never the one to rest in the face of injustice or oppression; he hates lies and evil in all its forms. Abilities: Super speed Enhanced durability Enhanced acrobatic skills and reflexes Enhanced strength Enhanced jump Enhanced stamina Hand-to-hand combat skills Indomitable will Break-dancing skills Extreme Gear riding skills Swordsmanship Piloting skills Grinding Chaos Powers Harnessing Chaos energy Super transformation Excalibur Sonic transformation Link to wiki: http://sonic.wikia.com/wiki/Sonic_the_Hedgehog Extra: Will likely not use Excalibur form (unless the situation demands swordplay). Can only use Super form with all seven Chaos Emeralds.
  14. [ Gateway - Joshua POV ] Wherever the hell Joshua was this time, he really almost did not want to find out. After essentially messing something up in his attempt to jump from Traverse Town to Shibuya and somehow ending up... wherever the hell this place was, the Composer was more or less internally panicking. Okay, okay, calm down Joshua, he thought, trying his damnedest to not actually show how panicked he was about this. Running a hand through his hair, messing up the ashen-blond locks just a bit, he looked around before he felt a hand come down on his shoulder; he almost screamed before the owner spoke. "J, what were you thinking coming here?" The voice belonged to Sanae Hanekoma, of whom Joshua sighed in relief at seeing. Someone familiar. "Well... wherever we are, we ain't leaving anytime soon, so might as well make ourselves comfortable and make some friends, yeah?" "Ugh... you know I'm not good at that."
  15. Name: Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu Origin: The World Ends With You Info: To sum him up in a sentence, he is a horrible child who essentially has no friends because he killed one of them - twice - and the rest hate him for killing the first one. Though he has gained some redeeming qualities post-game and post-KH3D where he is somewhat nicer and more empathetic. Abilities: Object manipulation via cell phone (aka he must use his phone in order to summon/drop heavy objects such as cars, trucks, vending machines and bicycles on his foes) Link to wiki: http://twewy.wikia.com/wiki/Joshua Extra: Can occasionally show his wings, can levitate (esp in order to use stronger attacks that the fandom/Neku has dubbed 'jesus beams'). Supposedly Joshua has handicapped himself so he may have other abilities never shown in-game. Name: Sanae Hanekoma (resized wiki image; original here) Origin: The World Ends With You Info: Essentially the overseer of Shibuya, he primarily exists to keep Reapers within the rules set by the Composer and to make sure the Game runs legally in the eyes of the Higher Plane. Abilities: Imprintation (usually on art), Noise transformation (allows him to turn (temporarily) into Panthera Cantus to fight) Link to wiki: http://twewy.wikia.com/wiki/Sanae_Hanekoma Extra: Can occasionally show his wings. Supposedly Sanae is severely handicapped due to his position as Producer, so he may have other abilities never shown in-game.