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  1. Forgot to add one of my eggs to a hatchery until it was 4 days and something. Also keep repeatedly grabbing the same breed from cave when I have no lineage plans for them.
  2. Caught a cb golden wyvern while trying to get more gold florets. Also got a cb xenowyrm.
  3. Trying unsuccessfully to grab two each of yellow and purple Flower dragon. The speckled seem more common
  4. Lately, Carinas and Zyumorphs. Also Celestials for multiclutch purposes.
  5. My new Sinomorph male decided not to actually breed, apparently. No eggs :3 maybe next time.
  6. Tried breeding Zyus to Celestials, one pair only produced Celestials and one refused. So much for multiclutched Zyu eggs to auto drop. I did succeed with more tries though.
  7. Got my new eggs yesterday, trying to figure out how the event works
  8. Need exactly one soulstone to reach the cb limit, but looks like it’s not gonna happen oh well, I can try again next time
  9. It’s seriously hilarious to have Valentine 09s as a “cave blocker” in the Valentine biome.
  10. Got a set of two for everybody except Soulstone now. Still need just one
  11. Well I got 2 radiant angel, an ‘09, a rosebud, and an Arsani cb. Still need heartseeker, Sweetling, and those pirple ones from last year. I’ll try to grab a Sweet and a Heartseeker when my batch of eggs hatch
  12. It’s chaotic in the valentime biome, can’t grab anything. Will try again later
  13. Tried breeding 3 pairs. 1 Lumina x Lumina, 1 Lumina x Dark Lumina, 1 Lumina x Blusang. No eggs all around
  14. Grabbed an orange thing instead of an Almerald. I’ll take both but I want more of the green cuties
  15. Missed both a CB copper and a CB Zyumorph I saw in the last couple days.
  16. Any gold is awesome. This one’s line has two Shimmer CBs! Awesome gold egg
  17. Breed a ton of celestials to golden wyverns..and one of the pairs refuses. I did get some GW eggs to ap drop so it wasn’t a total fail.