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  1. To provide an example of what HM said: I am making a very specific lineage that recreates the Ptolemaic Dynasty. When my dragons give me the wrong breed egg, I don't want to just abandon it because it's going to create siblings that shouldn't exist, going out to someone else's scroll, being named something non-conforming and possibly having offspring that shouldn't be related to mine. So I kill it (specifically viewbomb it, that takes less than 24 hours and doesn't steal my kill slots). HM: no clue, people on the Discord noticed this too but idk where it came from
  2. It was always a loophole that people exploited (including me). Now it's been closed. This debate is pretty much already ongoing in Suggestions.
  3. Nothing wrong with your eyes, you're right, it's a very dark gray but it's not black.
  4. In the future, you can look at the release thread for the egg you're wondering about, people figure out the mechanics there and the correct answer is usually pinned so easy to find! In the rare case where it hasn't been figured out by the time the thread closes (if it's a very drawn out mechanic like LHs), there will be a dedicated thread in Site Discussion trying to get the answer.
  5. This is perfectly fine and accepted by all. Dummy egg = free, I don't see how anyone can contest this. What people are annoyed by (including myself, some days) is some of the things from the following list: Putting "free" in your offer title, although your offer is not actually free, just so it pops up in searches of people searching the word "free" "Free, just offer one hatchie". (In the case where the trade-maker will not take a dummy egg). Hatchies are not free. They take time to hatch, potentially BSAs if you want to cut down on time. They cannot just be grabbed from AP like a dummy egg. This may even take advantage of new players/inexperienced traders who will take these people at their word. "Free, just offer one CB hatchie/BSA hatchie/..." Even worse! The pretence that this is free is just ridiculous at this point. You're asking for something of value, you are trading, not gifting.
  6. ND discussion is allowed on the unofficial DC Discord, if you'd like to join ^^
  7. Sure, I can accept it too. Except it wasn't written anywhere that this was forbidden. Now, all of us who have been following this hellbeast of a thread know for sure not to do this, and many of us have communicated it to other players, but again, this is a problem of rule visibility, not of the rule itself.
  8. +1 Obviously the 4 identical descriptions were identical on purpose (and not identifiable by biome at the time of release, as there were no biomes). I think of this just as a quirk of the game, and I don't believe it should be changed. As HM said, it's not like every other egg shares its description.
  9. Yes, please, I have a weird personal custom sort on my scroll and finding dragons in large groups has become a big nuisance because they're not in "scroll order".
  10. I believe Starscream said on the Trading Hub Feedback that you can put individual codes in wants. For what that's worth (read my tone)
  11. It would've been a real grind on the server to go through all those thousands of previously owned dragons, I'm sure. Still, you can view your own dragons by clicking them from your scroll, that at least counts as views.
  12. Also, in the future, if you breed an Ultraviolet sometimes you get a Spitfire child! It happens.
  13. *pokes head in* Just here to say the Trading Hub is currently showing 11 minutes worth of trades. 11 minutes. Might.... pagination help with this, perchance?
  14. What kind of egg is it? Sunsets/Sunrises can't hatch outside of the correct timeframes. Or if it's a prize, or Zyu, it could just be stubborn! Not all eggs are equal in hatching.
  15. According to the rules, this is the list of things your posts & sig cannot contain or link to: I'm pretty sure a link to a PG website is just fine, as long as it's not the website where you post detailed accounts of your bank heists to taunt the police
  16. No big deal, it's just a reminder to make things easier for everyone ^^
  17. Okay, but.... Is there any reason pagination hasn't been implemented yet? Even if you think it's not a perfect solution to everything (fair), what is the downside? It doesn't take deliberation or careful rewording like you mentioned for the rules, and as far as I'm aware it wouldn't be difficult to set up as the trades that fall off the first page are clearly still indexed.
  18. Note: when you click a view link from the forum, it doesn't count! So make sure, when it's a view link, you click it, then go to that dragon's lineage, then click on the dragon's tile to go back to the view page. This time, it counts. Note to contributers: don't post view links! It's not forbidden or anything (for grown dragons) but a lot of people don't know clicking a view link directly doesn't count as a view. Help them out by directly posting lineage links!
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  20. Yes to everything Libby and Java have said. If I'm honest, there are some of these "unsaid rules" that I dislike and/or find dumb. But I'm not here to fight the rules just because I don't like them. However the fact that you can get banned from trading for going against a rule you can't reasonably be expected to have any knowledge of is ridiculous, unfair, mind-boggling, and unbelievable.
  21. Goldisocks...... Puns puns puns! Where are the 3 bears? (@Denwayasha You got that right! Although the location is probably from whatever book you recognised it from, in the Edda it is only described as growing at the top of the Valhöll)
  22. The obvious but most beautiful ❤️ I've already gotten started on this with my CB Pumpkin from the original Halloween release. Bootiful. Also looking nice with Magelights and Wyrms.
  23. This! Seriously Starscream, sometimes it seems you're jumping through hoops to discount simple logic. What troll would post "lol I'm a troll I'm going to flood the trading hub" in their wants. That's bringing up a point that's not even going to happen. Please stick to the actual points people are making, I think this one was fairly clear and made by several people.