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  1. There are several that don't. AoND and Evina's, both major hatcheries, are good for this. I wouldn't worry about this egg having any problems, low-time eggs are really not that vulnerable to sickness (except for the usual suspects).
  2. You're welcome It's a common solution for when your scroll starts looking weird ^^
  3. They don't get uploaded to the wikia without artist permission, so sometimes it takes a while. Here it is in a lineage. @sampler-fi Have you tried clearing your cache?
  4. !!!! I did not know this..... imma have to try this, I want one of these.
  5. I didn't want to get accused of quoting a "too expensive" price, so sure ^^
  6. Honestly olympe, having half your side going "the only way to get 2Gs to build lineages is to have a CB to breed offspring from, so you can trade them for other 2Gs, because there is literally no other way to get 2Gs" and the other side going "this is so not about breeding, there are many way to get 2Gs for things as simple as common hatchies, or people gifting/raffling their 2Gs for free, this is ONLY about CBs" is not helping your case what with the total lack of consistency. Now, for a couple quotes: Maybe I should just stop worrying, it ain't good for my blood pressure! And finally, for all those out there who are clamoring that these cb prizes just need to be available in market....
  7. @olympe Because everyone else seems to not get that they are perfectly fair and accessible, so I'm trying to work with them on this. And they complain about mainly two things: - Raffles not rewarding active players (fixed by my proposal 1) - People getting multiple prizes (which i tried to address with my proposal 2, but apparently not well) Also..... LOL, seriously. Say Prizes are introduced to the Market. Say it takes 6 months to get the shards (a VERY conservative estimate, anything less would be absolutely ridiculous). You going to build a lineage with that? Make a nice checker, oh yeah you're at 3G, with your own 4 CBs, amazing! It only took you 2 whole years! (And that's being very conservative). Please. At least people who say you should have CBs for the sake of having CBs (like Fuzz I believe) are a little more credible than you. @Shadowdrake "If a CB prize is considered the final challenge of DC" It's not. It's not, I don't need a CB prize, and my scroll will be complete without one when I finish my own personal goals. If I get a CB Prize, I will rejoice and gift/raffle some offspring, and use some of it for trading. Can we please stop imposing this idea that CB Prizes are the ultimate thing to get.
  8. Yep. I agree. This is true, and I'd be happy with the status quo, no problem here. The raffle is completely fair, literally everyone who enters has an equal chance. No, we really, really don't. And none of you have made a point as to why this needs to happen, beyond "my personal play style isn't being catered to". TJ has stated many times in different contexts that he is NOT going to put any special status on things being CB (I will dig this up since as I am asking you for quotes (below) I will of course conform to that standard), so according to that logic why on earth should he make sure everyone can have a CB Prize? I don't believe that /ANYTHING/ skewing the raffle was shot down by TJ, just certain options that were. I'll accept I might have missed that, but in that case I'll need you to point me towards that, it's kinda iffy to quote something without.... ya know.... quoting it.
  9. Clearly we don't think so or we wouldn't be arguing. See all previous points. A middle ground would be making the raffle more fair and accessible, not having 2 parallel systems.
  10. See the discussion that followed after my post, suggesting basing earning entries on a similar system to shards.
  11. That would fit with my general idea, I'd be okay with that.
  12. Perhaps we could have different criteria then, for instance a similar system to the one that calculates Shards earned, which gives importance to many different playing actions that all denote activity. (Edit: I'm not saying use shards to pay for entries in the raffle, just using a similar calculating system to earn entries). (As for 2. I didn't see that, and honestly he's probably right, it can't make much of a difference, it would still make people feel better about their chances though and if I'm honest I think that's actually more important than the real tangible effect on the numbers.)
  13. You think this is an issue in and of itself. I don't. (And others who have posted before don't either.) To me the raffle is a little skewed, and could be improved, but I like the concept of a raffle. (In case anyone was wondering, no, I don't have a CB Prize). Why not discuss alternate options, such as the ones I have proposed?
  14. Deviating from the current discussion, here are some things that would be way more interesting to me to see where prize attribution is concerned, while maintaining the raffle, which I support and enjoy the randomness of (these suggestions can be combined): 1) Scaling chances of winning a prize by activity. This would be a chance to "reward" activity and effort, which everyone seems to be screaming for. To be clear, I'll set an example (if you don't like the number I'm quoting don't yell at me, I'm not saying these needs to be the definitive): Growing 3 adults/freezies still gets you one entry in the raffle. Growing 10 adults/freezies = 2 entries. Growing 20 adults/freezies = 3 entries. Growing 30 adults/freezies = 4 entries. Growing 40 adults/freezies = 5 entries. (I'd suggest capping the number of entries, for instance at 5, so that people can't just farm for entries). This way you can't just log on twice in the month and get the same chance as everyone else. 2) For every prize won, your chance of winning again is reduced (halved, maybe?). This would help with all the salt about some people having multiple prizes and others having none. This way people with no prizes have a higher chance of winning, but people who already have one are not excluded completely. This seems fair to me. Discuss, I guess.
  15. As evidenced by the increasing number of ER CB golds being sold for cheap in the hub because people repeatedly failed to get prizes for them.... In the Discord community, which is relatively small, every month there is 1 (or occasionally more) raffle winner. That's still a bunch of non-winners, of course, but I've never seen it happen that nobody got a prize. It would be kinda nice to have an official number on how many players enter the raffle on average each month, unfortunately I don't think we're going to get that. If anyone who can give out this information happens to be around.... just to say I'm sure we'd all like to know. Edit: If you want easier access to 2G Prizes, I suggest joining the Discord, which is a great example of generous players a lot of the time, there's the occasional raffle for a bunch of 2G prizes.
  16. You're certainly very lucky about that, you must have good friends. If you ask anyone who is super interested in SA offspring, they certainly never refer to getting them as easy or even in some cases possible at all, as several SA owners have stopped playing altogether, and some just don't breed their dragons, for free or otherwise. P.S. when I was talking about "agreeing to things when you signed on" earlier, I think if you read back you'll find I was referring to people breaking rules, not the types of dragons available when you signed up. And I still maintain that changing stuff to avoid people breaking rules (I think this was olympe's point) is complete BS. (I do mean real rules, not the fuzzy Trading Hub stuff we have for now).
  17. You might not see them personally as less special, but they are. Simply put, it used to be, you see an offer for a 2G Prize (I'm talking forums of course), you offer a CB Gold, you've got a very good chance of getting that trade. Now, you offer a CB Gold, the only person who's going to accept that is someone who doesn't know the value of their 2G Prize. Perhaps that latter person would be.... a new player who has a CB Prize? What???? Those exist??? Why yes as it happens, 60 people per month get a Prize! What a vanishingly small number. Never play the lottery. As for how "special" CB Prizes are, personally I think TJ is a little too classy to be like "look at this dragon it so speshul". Maybe I'm wrong though, I don't know him well of course. However I'm pretty sure calling something a "Prize" and having it be difficult to obtain (esp. with how hard they were to get in the beginning) definitely means special.
  18. I don't find the columns to be a problem at all, I quite like them as is. How ever I would also be happy to see a filter by price! Either a "sort: low to high" (like online shopping) or sort by what you can afford.
  19. Kind of funny how nobody who quoted my posts had anything to say about how for literally anyone who's collecting on anything but a "CB" basis, there is no availability of rare dragons (e.g. rare lineages) in Market, and you all seem to be okay with this because it's not your personal style of play (Okay Fuzz, you did say something to that effect, but I don't consider "this is impossible to get so it shouldn't even be considered" to be a particularly good argument when you're mainly arguing "boohoo i already have a chance to get this [(as opposed to my other examples)] but i want a BETTER chance because this suits my style of play personally, who cares how other people play")
  20. Rules are getting written, says TJ. I think we should hold off on complaining that the rules we want to be posted aren't posted until the rules actually appear. Unless this starts taking an unreasonable amount of time, which it hasn't yet.
  21. The invention of Prizes said they should be special. Saying they shouldn't be special at all is going back on the whole concept of Prize dragons, not just their distribution.
  22. CB Golds ARE less special. It's indisputable. Their perceived value HAS gone down. You used to be able to value 1 CB gold at about 1 2G Prize (or sliiiiightly less maybe), but now it's nowhere near worth a 2G Prize. Also, let's change some stuff to cater to people who change the rules, sure! How about we expect people not to break the rules, because they agreed to them when signing on? No?
  23. Making prizes available in Market will make them less special. That's just a fact. Even now, as CB Golds are in the market, at a price where nobody has been able to buy one yet because of the cap, they have become less special. People play with the knowledge that in half a year they can get a gold, and many no longer try to procure one by other means. It used to be many players had barely even seen one in cave in years of playing, and winning one in a (player-run) raffle was the best thing that could happen to you. So yes, CB Prizes will be less special. And eventually, when Market price is attained, so will 2G Prizes. Anyway, you're missing the point of collecting. Collecting isn't about having /all the things/ (unless you're collecting something very new and very finite, which is never what collectors do), it's about GETTING the things. Now blablabla real life isn't applicable you will say. Fine. How about Pokemon, then, a game that is p much based on collecting (see motto). Do you refuse to consider the game finished until you have collected every single shiny you could find in the game? Of course not, or we'd all be playing into our old age. People choosing to play only with CBs (which is not in any way "better" in an in-built way in the game) is a choice, but you can still get every breed. How about those who collect prizekin.... Should kin from every single prize ever born be available in the market? After all that's the only way their goal can be "complete"....... Right? No, collecting is about the act of accumulating things, some will by nature be easier to get than others, but nothing is actually unavailable. Finally, saying "arguably" and then not giving any argument in favour of the following clause is not how "arguably" works. You have to actually argue your point. I can't just say "demonstrably" followed by my opinion and feel like that's enough to prove it.
  24. This argument is so tired. You can get prizes any number of ways, quite easily for non-CB. You know what you probably really can't get? A 2G Prize from an inactive spriter's Spriter's Alt. (This is just one example out of many I could've come up with). Does this mean you should be able to buy it in market, purely on the basis of collecting? Of course not!
  25. I'm leaving the prizes to you guys this month, too full up on zombie fodder for the foreseeable future! (What a lot of submissions )