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  1. It's not forcing anyone to have anything on their scroll they don't want..... Just pick up/breed a random wyrm, raise it, release it.... (Or kill it for zombie fodder which is what I will be doing with mine).
  2. I'd agree with the Common Pygmy as smallest, perhaps Crimson Flare also (Commons look cooler though :P). To me I always read the pumpkin as being bigger, because the sprite is bigger, so I pictured them living in one of those huge pumpkins you sometimes see.
  3. It's not uncommon to find a fogged hatchie in the Wilderness. Not sure what in site mechanics is making this happen (as you're correct about only releasing fogged hatchies), but as far as we can tell they're always really old dragons so maybe something happened along the way ^^
  4. I agree, I feel that permanently banning someone from using public trades at all, unless it's for something obviously unallowable (insulting other users in want box, posting links to shocking/offensive content....), is too extreme. Blocking them from using the wants box perfectly effectively blocks people from "misusing" it, forever if deemed necessary, so it's enough.
  5. Still, about half the questions posed in Help (sometimes in TLQ) are solved by "have you cleared your cache/cookies?". That does count.
  6. Unfortunately there is nothing saying that the spriter's intention has to be implemented as the actual mechanic, so I'm not sure it can be considered a bug, really. You've got your research right though.
  7. Honeslty I've already stated my love for the Ash sprite (the hatchies were also great), but let me just take a minute to appreciate the concept: the whole gentle giant thing is a huge weakness of mine, i'm absolutely in love. Danger Boi is secretly a soft marshmallow.
  8. Stones are going to look great, also Fells, and imo Razorcrests bc they're the Spiky Bois!
  9. The boreals are okay but the Ashes are GOTDAMN AMAZING CAN I HAVE 10 MILLIO NOW PLS KTHXBI
  10. I think a breeding mechanic based on parent's weather would run into a lot of frustration from the userbase. However the different biome label idea seems like a great idea to me! It's enough incentive to make it a bit fun, yet not big enough that people would feel "left out" if they aren't able to spend much time in biomes to make sure they're around for weather events.
  11. Nope, but this is 4 hours later so not sure if you're still having the problem on your end.
  12. The odds are terrible and dead eggs will take up a slot for 24 hours ><
  13. Thanks for adding the notifications for offers accepted on trades! This is a great improvement, I'm very pleased 😊
  14. Credits seem to have disappeared from all dragons..... Very mysterious.
  15. Pretty sure there's nothing you can do about that, sorry mate 😕 (Similarly, you can't "unabandon" an egg).
  16. Everything you do on DC earns you shards. Picking up eggs in biomes, in AP, hatching eggs, hatchlings growing up, breeding your dragons.... You can earn maximum 100 shards per week. Check this link for more explanations: https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/182654-2018-05-21-dragon-caves-12th-birthday/
  17. It used to be on every dragon's View page (when I say "used to", I mean literally until a few hours ago), but now it's gone from all dragons.
  18. Also the rules to posting a public trade in Trading Hub have been changed, those appear when you create the TP. Yesssssssss! I'm also thinking Razorcrests, as they are both Sharp Bois.
  19. Awwww... A little danger baby! No artist credit though? (TJ who done did da beans?)
  20. That's just in case you're a vampire, sorry. (Broken maths is broken).
  21. Thanks, it'll be nice to have some variety in the raffle conditions anyway.
  22. I'm so happy about this! The first set of eggs is so gorgeous, and..... dare I say it..... P A G I N A T I O N! (Hallelujah). I'm excited about these new raffles as well. Two questions though: Suddenly 4 hours after drop, the new eggs have been completely (and non-gradually) drowned out by commons? Is this normal? (If it is I'll be sad but patient I guess). I didn't really understand if the new raffles are replacing the old ones or are additional? If additional I hope the notification bell will tell us about them?
  23. This would be great. I think there are several problems with the many-times suggested idea of hiding eggs during trade, but this "Invisibility" instead of fogging seems to avoid them all. Support.
  24. Honestly "Hide" and "Unhide" just shouldn't be in Action Log at all imho... What is the use of logging that?