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  1. @Tesla Your presentation idea is good! To clarify what I meant about the precise timer being a bit of a separate issue: in the thread about more precise timers, which has been around for a loooong time, we have had no indication from TJ that he would be remotely interested in making this happen. So as much as a precise timer would be cool, I'm saying that I'd already be very happy having a page such as your mockup, but with the currently available time (in your example: 2d instead of 1d 2h etc...) instead of the precise one. I feel like this would involve less coding and might be m
  2. Damn, I bred my nice lineages to the AP so I can't breed them for another 3 days 😕
  3. I4d wager it's okay, as it's not communicating with one person specifically.
  4. I hope if something is implemented it's not as weirdly circuitous as the Help page for freeze slots, which is..... better than nothing but still quite inconvenient ^^
  5. You know what, this seems like a cool idea. I used to have few BSAs so it was no big deal to keep track of them, but now when I have no reds/pinks available I have to click every single one of my BSA dergs to get the info on the next available one and it would indeed be very helpful to have that all in one place. Somewhere there is a suggestion about more precise timers, that'd be cool but even if we didn't have more precise timers just have a page with a column titled "Cooldown" and underneath for each dragon the corresponding amount of days.
  6. Yep, it was there, no idea where it's gone though!
  7. As someone pointed ot they wouldn't sort as "Zombie" because that is only a pet name. However I 1000% support them sorting as "Undead", for sure. (The showing original breed would be cool too, I guess).
  8. Nope. When things are unlockable, they show up as a shadow shape, but there are no Alt Sweetlings in encyclopedia.
  9. Earthquake is a bad mechanic, you are most likely to have "nothing happened", and second most likely to have it die or hatch and run away, so I recommend to only EQ if you're desperate. You really don't need to, incubating and hatching at 4d (incubated time, aka 5d real time) will get you a green just fine. Most people who were trying EQ at first was to see if the colours cycled back to purple at a higher time, but it's been proven that that's not the case.
  10. Yep, a dragon counts as "viewed" for a month, then you can view it again, which means you can also re-view your own dragons for stuff!
  11. I definitely did not notice that but.... yeah it might lead newer players to believe they can get a GoN through trading
  12. The easiest and most hassle-free way to do this is wait a month, and then just click the dragons from the document again ^^But maybe someone can help you out before then.
  13. I'm picturing a poor pink Zyu, already feeling horribly disoriented from being betrayed, murdered, and then literally risen from the dead.... Only to be like.... "What??? Are these???? Like legs but.... in the front???"
  14. I also thought EATW had been shut down due to viewbombing? This is confusing.
  15. The general rule is: always use Fertility on first breeding of an "important" pair. If they don't refuse the first time (which is much less likely to happen with Fertility) then they can never refuse again! Collect those purples Last I turned a Zyu (it's been a while but we've heard no indication of change), they did indeed all turn to Western when revived. I agree that this is dumb, but I think it's due to the fact that they have one single Encyclopedia entry for all of them?
  16. Normally if you're banned from using the wants box, it is greyed out, not gone, so this sounds like a bug. You can make a thread about it to get it resolved since it really seems to be an error. (You'd also get an indication of the duration of your ban if you were banned).
  17. Normally speaking hatchies can only be warded if they hatched less than 6 hours ago and you warded them when they were still an egg.
  18. Can everyone pls not ignore Ruby and redirect the discussion to this topic, which is indeed better indicated for this!
  19. This happens sometimes, unfortunately... I usually click my things from my phone if the views aren't registering from my computer browser.
  20. It would be unfair if you had to collect 30 dragons or something, because then you'd have to really stay away from your own goals. But 3 dragons is nothing, come on. And it's not a "colossal waste of time" because it's buying you a raffle ticket, so that's the goal that you're doing it for. In the same vein as Kaini but opposite situation: since the beginning of the year and for the foreseeable future, I only raise dragons to freeze them (with exception of new breeds, I keep an adult of each gender). So raffle requirements make me raise dragons I wouldn't normally raise, but hey, i
  21. Confirmed by my red-tailed, at least, if not by official sources ^^ It just grew up and I'm now 1/3 for raffle requirements. I have raised nothing but Wingless dragons since the beginning of the month, so it can't be any other dragon, it definitely counted in my raffle count!
  22. This is definitely not true about lindwyrms.... So far I think the red-tailed wyrm thing is still up in the air as I've heard it either way (so one of them must be wrong ^^). I'm raising my own pymy wyrm to see but unfortunately can't "hatchie-incubate" it
  23. I think so far this wasn't necessary at all, but since the introduction of new raffle requirements it would indeed be a useful (and relatively easy to set up) feature.
  24. I have 3 reds growing and one pygmy wyrm so.... I'll let you know what comes of those...
  25. For everyone trying to view new release adults (in any new release): just visit Evina's! The adults there are cleared out much slower than other hatcheries, and just clicking the adults found on the hatchery viewer for a few minutes will get you all the views you need.