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  1. You've got a 50/50 chance of any one (non-influenced) dragon being male or female. That doesn't mean you'll get 50% males and 50% females, because that's not how randomness works. But the more dragons you have, the more your male and female percentages will get close to 50/50. It's like flipping a coin. It would be really weird to have a perfect heads - tails - heads - tails - heads - tails series. Perhaps you would have 4 heads in a row, but if you flipped the coin 1000 times you'd get pretty close to 50/50. I do recommend the use of Pinks if you really need a specific gender!
  2. I don't know how much I would use it but I definitely like your BSA idea better than the abandon to wilderness idea. Maybe you should develop that? Idk if you have a dragon concept in DR... (Fuzz - I think different people have very different experiences with this. I have heard people complaining about how they almost always get kills, while I - like you - mostly get successes, even when that "success" is not my goal like in the situation you described.)
  3. To be a little blunt: I don't care if it wasn't meant in an unkind way (as someone pointed out), I am still strongly against this. Biting makes sense as a risky business lore-wise, and, still following the lore, it makes absolutely no sense for eggs to be in the wilderness. The wilderness is adults and frozen hatchies who are able to take care of themselves without any human or dragon helping them. When you abandon a non-frozen hatchie, it can't survive on its own, so it goes the the AP. If your dragons reject an egg, that egg can't survive on its own, it should go to AP. Eggs "rejected" to the wilderness would just die. In that case you might as well replace "turn and rejects" with more kills. Game-wise, throwing the AP eggs to the wilderness instead is just depriving new players of the chance to catch a Vampire. Vamps are not released at Halloween, so if you don't have one your only chance at one is the AP or, more recently, trading. But new players are not likely to have anything of value to trade. When you say "there is a huge section of gifting on forums", this is true. However the majority of DC players aren't on forums and shouldn't have to be to get a good start on the game. I like that vamps can be caught somewhere, since they cannot be caught in cave since 2008.
  4. Multi-clutches are what Celestials (and Holiday dragons in their respective seasons do): when you breed them, they give 1 to 4 eggs, but you only get to choose 1 egg. The rest are auto-abandoned. Edit: Ninja'd
  5. Agreeeeed, thank you. Thanks to the inability to offer the same item on several different trades, I am stuck trying to juggle my trade offers as best I can. Sometimes, I forget things, such as someone having already refused my offer, if I'm currently tracking about 5 very similar offers. If I offer again, it's not to spam anyone or to be insistent, it's an honest mistake. With no communication, no way of explaining this so..... I feel like some people would be extremely trigger-happy with the block feature. Do not want.
  6. Aaaaaaand everyone here asking for this to change is a forum user. (Not to mention once you're a forum/discord user it's incredibly easy to get someone to help you with bouncing.) But even barring that, come on, most people know someone who plays, as this is generally how they were introduced to the game. Many families play (this has come up very often during multiscrolling controversies), I was introduced to it by friends and introduced more friends, back in the day. Or maybe you found DC through a forum or other game you play - either way that's some people playing right there. I highly doubt anyone typed "super-old-fashioned adoptables game" and somehow landed on DC, all alone. As for knowing that bouncing erases Influence without being on forums, the Help page sure could use a bit more info but the wikia is so, so easy to find, and it has all that information handily organised. When I came back from a long hiatus (did not use forums at the time), the first thing I did after logging in and seeing all these confusing new breeds and functions was to google something along the lines of "dragon cave help" or "dragon cave wiki" which took me straight to the wikia with all the info I needed. To me the only objective change that justifies a new system is Market change, because if you misinfluence a Market egg there's currently just nothing you can do about it. And that's enough to fustify it, really.
  7. You're just as able to take advantage of this feature as anyone else. You might find a vampire egg in the AP that someone else repulsed, with "no effort" as you say. Besides, for new players who have no vampires of their own and nothing valuable to trade, this is the best way for them to have a chance at getting a vampire. Give the kids a chance. I'm very much against this suggestion.
  8. Search within groups would indeed be a very nice feature to have. As well as "cross-grouping". Aka once you're on the page for Group A, you can filter for dragons that are also in Group B.
  9. In idea A: this isn't relevant, as Influence can't be used on eggs in a teleport, so it can't be used after the precog which has been applied during teleport. In idea B: to me, quite simply, if the egg is influenced after precog, this should simply "undo" the precog, which has no value anymore. The text would be removed from the dragon's view page. There would only be a new precog text on the view page if the dragon is precogged again after this influence. I don't see any of this as any sort of real obstacle to this suggestion.
  10. I mean I'm not doing the counting, my scroll is doing the counting for me ^^ (So far still 999, still platinum. Tomorrow though I'll have to let some stuff grow up, can't pause my scroll forever. And can't afford to release any more of my zombie fodder for the sake of science.)
  11. Frozen count like adults, both for Grown Dragons count and for trophies, no reason they should influence anything differently than an adult. (I freeze an awful lot ^^)
  12. I will absolutely keep an eye on it, and let you know if it changes. Hasn't changed so far. Also yes I do have Undeads, I don't know anything about their status trophy-wise. Edit: Now that I've thought about it for a few minutes, it can't be the Undeads. I got my trophy yesterday, and I was there watching it happen so I can attest it happened as soon as I hit 1000 Grown Dragons. My number of Undeads has not changed since then, and the dragons I released were all random adult dragons, no Zombies there.
  13. It's working again for me, thanks Evina!
  14. It's definitely either an error on Dalek's part (we've all clicked stuff we didn't think we clicked) or just a bug, as Precognition has been stated to be designed to be 100%. (When Aeons were released maybe? I'll dig it up if I have to).
  15. I wasn't going to, because I was really afraid of the auto-abandon thing, and then nothing was hatching soon. Then I got one of my incubates back (I'm always low on them so I use them as soon as they appear), so I was able to insta-hatch something to try it!
  16. ......... Okay well you're wrong apparently, maybe it changed? I ended up testing it myself, after an egg hatched, and here's my proof: Egg slots also unaffected:
  17. If you get a trophy, then release some dragons so your Grown Dragon number drops back underneath the trophy number..... do you keep your trophy? (I'm hesitant to try in case you lose it and it auto-abandons an egg or something.)
  18. I personally haven't had any Influence fails either, but anyway most long-time players I know use that double-BSA combo pretty much every time ^^
  19. I suggest you get a mentor here, who can help you with many things, not just egg hatching but also all the different things you can come across on DC.
  20. Hallelujah to literally all of this. (Although personally I don't care if people leave a blank field. But literally all the rest is Fully Excellent. Especially same item on multiple trades.) We love you, ADP.
  21. Has anybody actually kept track of how often this happens? Because it's still pretty rare.... And HM, it would affect the use of Precog because very many people use Precog after Influence to check that Influence has worked, which would be pointless if there was no fail. Not saying this in a positive or negative way but it does very much affect Precog.
  22. So dozens of users pointing out these flaws for weeks apparently shouldn't be taken into consideration until something *actually does* go badly wrong? Good to know. Glad none of you guys are in charge of building a bridge or a power plant.
  23. It was working for me literally 2 hours ago..... Now: Error: Unable to load data.
  24. Honestly I thought bouncing as a way to erase Influence was fine. I wouldn't support on that basis. BUT now with Market eggs, you can't bounce, so if you misinfluence, you're screwed! Support.
  25. To me, idea B is better because it's helpful in cases other than trades. Support.