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  1. Take all the spuds! (spoopy.png)
  2. No prolonging the holiday breeding period please, it's short for a reason! The short holiday period (which is already long tbh, seeing as the holiday itself is 1 day) is partially compensated by multiclutches btw. If you want to make a lineage that's easily done at a faster pace..... don't pick holiday breeds! I have no opinion on the "fake bred on" dates, so go nuts on that I guess ^^
  3. How is "offer anything I don't have" against the rules?
  4. Sure, I'd like this! I'm one of those who think there is nothing to "fix" about the raffle because it ain't broken. But it would be nice to be able to purchase additional chances from the Market, especially if you don't buy much from the Market in the first place.
  5. I'm not sure how helpful this is, but ratios are supposed to be based on all the dragons of the last year, and none of the dragons from before then. I don't think it was ever clarified if this was a calendar year (starting Jan 1st, this seems less likely) or a full year from whenever you're counting, or a monthly update of some sort. Regardless, this means it should take at most a full year for a new breed to have the same status as an old one, ratio-wise. That being said, I breed Fells and until recently (aka 1 year 9 months after their release) Fells were still severely overwhelming in breeding results. They seem to have suddenly gotten a bit better lately though.
  6. That seems better in terms of not sinking suggestions behind pages of comments, but in that case - who would decide if it's "felt necessary" to create a topic on this suggestion? Somewhere I think it needs to become obvious whether there is community support for a certain suggestion or not. The only way I can think of doing this without comments is an upvoting/downvoting system for the suggestions in TLS, but I don't know if forums would support this feature.
  7. I really think it would be no problem to restrict rare breeds from this BSA/action, after all rares didn't use to be able to breed with each other, so this could work the same. However! I am super into this Market-tied idea! Very clever, easy to set up and just generally practical, and less controversial than any "rare-excluding" cutoff from above. If this happens I would love for it to happen like this.
  8. Good idea for the Market suggestion! I'm not sold on the TLS thread, I feel like things would just get drowned out really quick and it would just work against the suggestions put in there.
  9. All in all, a pretty cool release. Congrats again to Mewtie, hope to see more in-cave
  10. I'd be happiest with 4, honestly, but other limits suggested such as 6 or 9, why not I suppose. It would increase the possibilities (notably for sprite collecting) without going overboard. Please no removing the limit though! The GoN is supposed to be a legendary dragon, and summoning it an infinite amount of times just doesn't fall in line with the lore, to me. It was never meant as a breed that can be hoarded.
  11. The fact that you have to summon GoNs is what makes them so special! It would be weird to have lots of little Lugias running around because you can breed them times infinity.... So, no to this suggestion. The idea of the number cap for GoNs is a different, but there's a separate topic for that already.
  12. Poke for Halloween indeed! This would make my life so much easier, unnaming things one by one is such a pain that I don't mass-unname, it's easy to forget...
  13. Agreed! There is nothing in their lore about midnight, and I would indeed like to see my zombies a bit more since they take so much effort to get in the first place. It would also be fair to more users in different timezones, because currently some people could quite reasonably be asleep every night during the entire visibility hours.
  14. Yes please! I like to have one adult of each gender, + all available hatchie sprites (in this case 1 S1 and 1 S2) for all dragon breeds, and with 3 GoNs I have to stick to one adult 😕
  15. Yep, they were a well-known and well-loved DR! (The gusties were also a DR but a bit older, I think less people are familiar with them...)
  16. Now that we're allowed to talk about spriters.... So glad Mewtie is in-cave now! Hopefully this will mean more of their concepts are likely to make it, they're such an excellent spriter!
  17. I've been checking biomes for Gusties, didn't see any in either Desert or Jungle for the last 25 minutes. Of course they could just be going fast so if somebody catches a Gustie outside of Alpine please do tell!
  18. Confirmed sightings of the white pygmies in all biomes!
  19. White pygmy: "This little egg is soft with a few feathers stuck to it." - All Biomes Gustie: "Wind gusts around this egg." - Alpine They're.... both a little familiar
  20. I love that there was this secret mechanic nobody knew about
  21. There is a relative pattern of releases happening on a weekend, towards the end of the month. But nothing is scheduled, there could very well be a beginning of month release or a month without a release. (The months sandwiched between 2 holidays often don't have a release). Some people are betting on next weekend, but like I said, no promises on the date or even existence of this release.
  22. It's usually accepted that these probabilities stack, and I honestly think it's been confirmed, but I'm not sure I could find a source for that. Do your revives at night to be on the safe side.
  23. Seems it is intended according to the breeding I did to test this.... I bred a green with neutral parent to mimic your dorsal pairing: https://dragcave.net/lineage/zJsFS And then a Life parent to see if it wasn't the absence of element at play: https://dragcave.net/lineage/3GZ9c Green and green. Maybe someone who breeds spinels more could test whether green in this case is merely a possibility or if it's the rule.
  24. Also you don't have to go through the view page to get to the actions page. For instance, from your scroll, all your dragons directly have an Actions link next to them.