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  1. I completely agree with having a "bounce" that doesn't involve another player. This can be helpful to people who don't really play with anyone else but also for everyone at busy times (holidays etc...) when everyone is less likely to have the scroll space to bounce something for you. In favour! I don't really see the point of a fail rate but I wouldn't pitch a tantrum if it had one ^^
  2. Thanks, I know finding Starsinger hatchies is the toughest but I won't despair! (Anyone with further Arcana or Starsinger hatchies, they'd be most appreciated!) My own new releases: Aeria - Aeria Kovos - Kovos Geminae - Geminae Vremya - Vremya Lihnseyre Galvanic
  3. Hi, I've been through the pages for my Arcana and Starsinger entries but I'm still short. Does anyone have some Arcana and Starsinger hatchies by any chance? Some glowy Aeons: https://dragcave.net/lineage/jXaMq https://dragcave.net/lineage/wHIKM https://dragcave.net/lineage/V6Iae
  4. Same, it doesn't look as good solid...
  5. Honestly I agree with all of this. Also there is nothing super powerful about taking a day off a hatchie that necessitates putting up obstacles/fail rates/whatever, no more than there is for Incubate. To me, standard Incubate rules with 1 day taken off, 2 week cooldown, would be just fine.
  6. At first I liked the Aria suggestion purely based on the fact that I like old breeds getting BSAs, but when you really look at it it doesn't make any sense: there is nothing in the breed description (or encyclo info as there is none) that suggests any sort of gregarious or nurturing behaviour.... Some breeds are even more out of the question as they are described specifically as aggressive, solitary, or even in the case of the Harvest as "letting hatchlings fend for themselves". My suggestion would be the Candelabra dragon, which is a warm, nurturing dragon, and the adults "bond quite closely to their family, guarding them at all costs", while the hatchlings "bond quite quickly to whoever is raising them". I'm sure other breeds would work also (like Monarchs, also described as somewhat familial), but I like the idea of Candelabras. Of course to add a BSA to any existing breed you'd need the input of the artist/concept creator. Finally I like this BSA overall, taking a day off hatchie growth would be wonderful and makes a lot of sense lore-wise. I've read above some arguments for this which I won't repeat but just support: of course nurturing and teaching a growing child/baby animal/whatever helps them develop. That being said, I am against taking any more than 1 day off. Why? First of all this seems unnecessary and exaggerated: if you were to take 2 days off that's 2/3 of minimum growing time which is just huge. Secondly, this is pushing the lore too far: unless you want to invoke "because magic" which is usually not seen as a good enough reason, growing up does have a large biological component of - you know - actually doing the growing - which cannot just be more than halved like that.
  7. This would be so helpful with new breeds heavily influenced by ratios. And by new I mean even Fells which are just - not that new anymore, and yet getting anything else out of them is pretty damn annoying. (Good thing I like Fells so much, but still).
  8. I think the point of closing threads is that those are definitively not going to happen and everything else has at least a chance , and is not out of the question. Since TJ cannot (or doesn't want to, fair) give input on every single thread at all times, I interpret this as meaning that open threads are under consideration, whether TJ has actually posted or not, I'm sure he's read them.
  9. The fact that this hasn't been closed down gives me hope
  10. Since this has made it to the top again, I'd like to reiterate how amazing it would be to have this feature please! I feel like it wouldn't be too hard to implement (since the site already recognises "growing things" as a category).
  11. I have nothing much to contribute here but I just wanted to confirm that yes, HM & others are right, lowest-time eggs/hatchies are always shown first in the AP, this is how it has always worked (since 2008 at least, I wasn't around before then). Any that seem to "suddenly appear" were on the owner's scroll until that low time and have just been abandoned, and if they disappear and reappear they have been picked up and thrown back in. I also agree that there is no need for a hatchie AP because hatchies get picked up ├╝ber-fast (even when they are messy commons) and this page would be empty 99.9% of the time.
  12. There often isn't a release in the months between holidays (November and January), but like Fuzz said, nobody knows for sure.
  13. Should we maybe make a suggestions thread? Or is it too early for that.
  14. It won't affect anything (apart from your overall number of Zyumorphs since you let one go). Your 5 other Zyus that were used to summon will not regain summoning abilities, and nothing will happen to your Sino you already have. You still need 6 new different Zyus to summon another Sino!
  15. I Want to Sign Up! Forum Name: Aalbiel Scroll Name: Cartwheel* Group Name: Aalbiel's Secret Santa 2018 Wishlist: 1. Neglected is the dream! Or any code variation on Taako or Ollie (weird caps, number substitutions are fine). 2. CB Copper (I'd rather something from slot 3) 3. CB Magma 4. CB Zyu (I'd rather something from slot 6) 5. CB Fire Gem (I'd rather something from slot 6) 6. 2G Magma from Fell, 3G Magma from Fell stairstep (either direction) or any higher gen Magma from Fell stairstep. Or an original lineage the gifter made and is proud of (not a simple checker or shape, more like lyrical lineage, joke lineage, recreation of historical family tree lineage.... anything to do with the names in the lineage). 7. CB Fells are my life! Breeding abilities: Can breed 2G Gold, either PB or from commons/uncommons. Can also breed 2G Silver from female Silver, or 2G Thunder or 2G Magma (including PB for both of those). Catching abilities: No problem for any Commons/Uncommons. I can catch Zyus from any biome, and have sometimes caught Xenos. Cannot catch Trios or Metals. Trading abilities: I am very good at trading for trios. Can also trade for Dinos and Xenos. Teleport abilities: I have all the Magis I need @Mods: I hope requesting something from a lower slot is okay? I did it because there are some slots (2, 4 and 5) I am legitimately not interested in so I put something there because it said 'no empty slots' but I'd really rather something from slot 3 instead of slot 2, and slot 6 instead of slots 4 and 5.
  16. Bringing this back bc it's bothering me so much ><
  17. Hey um, thanks for the really quick addition of the Arcana encyclopedia entry, but why is it titled Arcana Dragons? Every other breed is singular (Albino Dragon, etc...) so it would be nice if it fit into the general template! (Nitpick over).
  18. +1 (Also to the AP wall argument which atm I am getting fairly sick of)
  19. One last message from me to thank the spriters for these cool dragons. I thought the event was only so-so but the collectibles were cool, I hope we'll have access to a page showing them! @White Fox Process (possibly another spriter as well? Not sure) bred messy Spriter's Altkin to the AP from his pink Omen alts, so there was a bit of a frenzy on them once people started noticing there were a bunch.
  20. I've never had any problem getting Aeons from breeding myself, but maybe I'm just lucky.
  21. Currently the AP is back up to 3d1h so we can influence again!
  22. If there are 3 eggs, it means there is adult dimorphism but no hatchie dimorphism.