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  1. Yep.... But sometimes you do get a reply from someone, it's a nice surprise !
  2. Nope, either you remember or that's it ^^ (And if it was random there is no way of tracking that info down unless the person sends you a reply Valentine that is recognisably a reply).
  3. Aalbiel

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    ......... I may or may not have tried to mass-save all the flowers (a)
  4. Same I love the made up flowers but I'm also kinda sad I can't look up Victorian flower meanings for them....
  5. It helps to have a scroll link to play this game
  6. Honestly this event is just..... far superior to the Christmas event. It has : - Excellent spriting, both dragons and flowers - Good writing - A beautiful event home page - A lovely little event square for the cave - Altogether just a truckload of content, no way we're getting bored - And a very sweet love-spreading message system 11/10
  7. Dudebro zombie is my personal favourite.
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    https://www.themarysue.com/us-olympic-skiers-marvel-suits/ (I've been sending this to everyone today, it's too much for my gay little heart to handle)
  9. Questions regarding 2-way Teleports : So when you click a 1-way transfer for an egg and you're egglocked, you can see it but not accept it, that makes sense. But if you have a link to a trade to receive an egg, you can offer up a hatchling, even though that would put you over your egg limit. What happens then ? Is the other person unable to accept your offer, or do you get the egg and it's auto-abandoned ?
  10. Agreed, this would be so much more convenient and less annoying, as well as just.... plain common sense.
  11. *rides out on Wyrm Skyfrostysi*
  12. I am dying, this is the best suggestion ever.... Instead of making the BSA timers as precise as the egg timers.... We make the egg timers as (un)precise as the BSA timers.
  13. I don't think there are any. Obviously some of them (AOND, Valley Sherwood) give you your growing dragons' lineages but not the adults. I personally went through them and made a spreadsheet to keep track, my gf did the same as Dragon_Arbock.
  14. I received a gift via TGT Gift report: Imzadi83 -> Aalbiel: Rosebud egg Am I on that list? No Do I need/wish to be removed? No How was the gift offered? In the thread on page 61 Thank you
  15. I always assumed two birds sitting in a tree ? As in lovebirds ?
  16. These laser eyes are practically Cyberpunk : https://dragcave.net/lineage/Le135 A dragon with Amphipteres and Wyverns in its lineage ?
  17. Hot damn ! I only have one full trio (+ 1 lone Thunder) so I guess I'm really lucky, nice surprise.
  18. Question : how hard is summoning a Guardian supposed to be ? I kinda assumed low odds, but then I got one on my first try so.... I guess I don't know how impressed to be ?
  19. Thanks Aie, I wasn't sure seeing as indeed there have been no recent reports.... I need someone to incubate this egg! Forum Name: Aalbiel Scroll Name and Link: Cartwheel* PM Link: PM Incubate Subject's Link: Egg Have you read all the rules? Yep Who is incubating for you? N/A Edit : Incubate Report! riona26 incubated Aalbiel's Pyralspite!
  20. Is this thread still active ? (Aka people answering the incubate requests ?)
  21. Close enough to what I meant ^^ Anyways I didn't know specifically about the contract and it's fine that that exists, as long as it's balanced both ways. I'd be interested in knowing what exactly the contents are but I guess it makes sense it's not necessarily public knowledge.... Oh well.
  22. I agree. All of this talk of "it's just a few lines of code" and "there's no financial reason for this or that to be inaccessible".... Yes, it's an online game, it's all code, none of it is real. We could just have the Cave have a page for each breed where you're guaranteed to be able to click whatever you want, get whatever CB, alt, rare or special release you want and then breed from there. Would we play ? Would that even qualify as a game anymore ? The whole point of collecting is if there is some difficulty to it, and honestly you don't know me but I'm a bit of a compulsive completist so this is saying a lot. But when you can't have something you want (for instance, I would've loved to have all 3 types of Snow Angels and will forever be a little bitter about it), if the only way to get it is to badger whoever runs the system until they change it and give you what you want.... Then that's not even satisfying anymore, for me. I just mean, where is this limit of where things "should" be fixed and limits "should" be raised ? (Also I agree with respecting artists' wishes - even if I wish more "unknown" artists got their designs approved over established artists, which is another topic I guess. I don't care what copyright law or whatever is in place. We're not a corporation. We're not - or at least I hope we're not - stuck in some cog of capitalism where if you didn't read the fine print, you're screwed. I like to think this is a fun community where maybe we can respect artists for the work they've put into their concepts and their art, and agree they deserve a say in what happens to it.)