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  1. That's so insensitive..... Would you go up to a person without legs and just ask what happened to their legs? Rude tbh. (Actually though: have you heard of the Lagmonster? That's a misspelling, it's actually LEGmonster. It steal hatchlings' legs for its monstrous collection. There's nothing anyone can do. So sad.) What do the little flags next to Valentine's cards do?
  2. All I have is 3 incredibly short lineages.... Technically still checkers, right ? i'm so sad i can't wear socks poor legless bab A spiral of over 8 gens ?
  3. I'll just quietly take that Brute with the Gay code... And a handful of every Halloween dragon, thanks !
  4. All the gender non-conforming dragons decided to set up their own settlement, they can be found on a neighbouring continent living in an LGBT commune. Go say hi ! What does ARK mean ?
  5. Aalbiel

    Post Ctrl+V

    http://www.asos.fr/asos/asos-brides-de-cheville-en-cuir/prd/8390594?clr=leopard&SearchQuery=&cid=1931&gridcolumn=2&gridrow=3&gridsize=4&pge=1&pgesize=72&totalstyles=2463 online shopping is just a long list of abominations
  6. That's.... supremely annoying omg, I lost all my names and I don't get anybody else's. Damn. Bitter.
  7. How long does it take for someone inactive to have their names taken away ? I kinda have my eye on some names someone claimed a few years back but they haven't been active since late 2016....
  8. Every day, give a randomly selected user total admin rights over the forum for 24 hours.
  9. They just broke up with their s/o so they're still pretty torn up about it... Better let them get over it alone with a tub of ice cream and some sappy movies. Do not approach. Why do dinos wear shoes?
  10. I believe they're working on a proper crediting post, complete with permissions from the artists, which may be different for different dragon breeds for instance...
  11. @Marrionetta @Nakase Bluna @LadyLyzar Heartseeker (But I guess if a lot of the DC art is being stolen this should be addressed as a site-wide response)
  12. Ridgebloom, Blue Lotus, Bleeding Hearts or Lantern Bulb ?
  13. Oooh I wanna see if you can surprise me with an animal fact I don't know ! (Bleeding hearts, kittytongue or poppi ?)
  14. No, they're not allowed to use it, unless the artist submitted it themself or something.... @Imbecamiel You sprited the Royal Blue I think ?
  15. Thanks, that seems like a good rule of thumb
  16. Thanks ! And thanks to all who sent me ridiculous puns
  17. This ratio stuff is quite interesting, does anyone have a list (even if it's incomplete) of their experience of X beats Y ? Since I've got a bunch of new breeds I know nothing about....
  18. I'm only now finding this thread.... how remiss of me ! (Nothing purple please)
  19. The random cards/puns seem to have slowed way down
  20. You can obtain one if you perform a secret dark ritual at midnight on Valentine's Day. Warning : this requires actual blood ! What does PB, CB and EG mean ?
  21. The point of cards is to send kind/funny messages to each other... There is no material gain from doing it, it's just nice. I think what you are referring to is people wanting to receive one card with each flower, because the only thing we are sure to keep when the event is over is the cards we received. (As far as I'm aware, the flower collection will go, and as for the cards sent there has been no indication of whether we will get to keep them or not).
  22. Here is the link for you : https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=199215 (It's "https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=" and then you add your user number, which you can find for instance in the URL of your profile, in case you forget it.)