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  1. Always Sunny In Philadephia (aka the show i have to pause every 2 minutes because I get overwhelmed with second-hand embarrassment). ( @RWyvern It's one of mine also.... And yep, I've also saved Shrikethorn for my next CB Fell)
  2. 19. Find, tame, train, and unleash the Datamonster on the Cave
  3. https://dragcave.net/user/goldensunrise Personally I can see your scroll at that url no problem ?
  4. According to the Dragon Release Timeline, May 21st, 2006.
  5. Alt-J Intro was a bit of a given.... Otachi - I'm so glad I wasn't the only one to see the Fell and immediately jump to Kaiju
  6. My incredible gendering streak continues ?????? So far 10/10 of my hatchies have gendered correctly without any help from me. <0.1% chance of that happening. Am I using up all my good karma?
  7. I want a skin that loads fast like St Pats but..... actually looks nice. (Soz if you like it I'm just not into the minty fresh)
  8. Honey Drake Honey Drake or Magma ?
  9. I was not aware the St Pat's skin loaded faster, and never use it because tbqh I hate the look.... But I just tried it and hot dammmmmmn! I have the slowest internet and I always put the cave's slow loading down to that (end of the road mountain internet.... not the best). The green skin makes a very noticeable difference though, I might actually have a chance at catching something in the drops now, who knows! Will be using it despite my aesthetic objections, for sure.
  10. Honey Draaaake! (Honey Drake over anything tbh) Honey Drake or Fell
  11. You have to collect one Zyumorph from each habitat, and together they summon a Guardian of Nature ! What is a 2G PB EG egg ?
  12. Sapphire. Sapphire or Tarantula Hawk ?
  13. Is it a hatchie ? If so it's probably that, yeah.
  14. Shadow Walker Shadow Walker or Pillow
  15. I assume the Purple Wyvern is a Purple Spinel Wyvern?
  16. I received a gift via TGT Gift report: beyond-his-limit -> Aalbiel: Ice hatchie Am I on that list? Yes Do I need/wish to be removed? Yes How was the gift offered? Via PM I need to be removed I am a lister and need to be removed from these lists: - Cheese - Honey Drake Please add me to the lists Forum Name: Aalbiel Scroll Link: Cartwheel* PM Link: PM Proof that I read the rules: Purple List Request: - Xenowyrm (Astrapi) Edit: Just ed up and let an egg die u___u
  17. Ah, wasn't around for that then. Thanks!
  18. Kingcrowne (damn he's on a streak!) Kingcrowne or Khusa ?
  19. How can a Hellhorse be CB ? (I had a link but of course I meant to ask last night and now I can't find the dragon in question.... I swear it was a blue CB hellhorse tho ?)
  20. Fuzzbucket, I haven't had that problem.... Tj confirmed fairly early on in the event that only the cards would stay, hence everyone's rush to send/receive one card of each flower to make sure they would get to keep all the flowers. Sorry, flowers are gone.
  21. I want all my names back, that were removed from my scroll when I went on hiatus. It's not FAAAAAAAAAAIR.
  22. I picked up 8 eggs from the post-Valentine AP wall break, all instahatched, but no influences available, and they all needed to be a specific gender for me to keep them. They ALL gendered correctly. 8/8. There's a 0.4% chance of that happening, I have been blessed.