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  1. Eh, not interested, but as long as it's optional (not automatically added if you've got any groups) I don't see how this would hurt.
  2. 37. Introduce a disease much deadlier and more unpredictable than softshell.
  3. Keep: Garland Abandon: Omen Kill: Flower-Crowned Water Walker, Spotter Greenwing, Coastal Waverunner
  4. I think this would be a way more interesting alternative, tbh!
  5. Paper Paper or Leetle Tree ?
  6. 34. Replace every alt Sweetling with a regular Sweetling and vice versa, and replace every upside down Mint with a regular Mint and vice versa /chaossss
  7. Dark Myst Pygmy Dark Myst Pygmy or Chicken ?
  8. Action Log does say it: for instance in mine I can see "Peered into V6Q11’s (f) future with Liminoid.", so I know it's going to be female because it says (f), otherwise it would say (m). Edit:
  9. You would be correct You persist in having excellent references. Buck Holland - the actor? (Mostly it's just a great name for a Yulebuck ^^)
  10. Go fish, I used to worry if my drags didn't get clicks (I do have one with over 100 clicks tho: https://dragcave.net/lineage/n9En) Your dragon with the least OVs?
  11. Gilded Bloodscale Gilded Bloodscale or Hooktalon ?
  12. I've seen a lot of support for this idea or related ones and after a bit of thought..... I'm against this. Two reasons. First of all, it's not honestly that bad. Even if you're 0% interested in looking at the holiday AP, that's only 3 weeks in the year, there's really no need for a workaround. Personally I'm way more annoyed when a user-generated AP wall clogs up the AP for 12 hours with literally only one breed. Secondly, and most importantly: we would gain nothing new (same old AP as the rest of the year), however we would lose something. We would lose the post-holiday AP wall break and to me, that's quite unique and also the most fun I've had hunting the AP. Suddenly you've got all these extremely low-time eggs of super-varied breeds (much less bias towards cave-blockers than usual) and there are so many of them that for once everyone has a fair chance at grabbing a few nice things, esp. since most of them are pretty insta-hatch in any ER so you can really fill up your scroll with goodies. It's a bit like an easter egg rush, and I would be truly sad if that were to disappear. And for those who are worried about their eggs dying behind the holiday wall.... You know it's going to be there, just don't breed anything you don't intend to keep for a week.
  13. It's a super easy change to make and yes, it should definitely say "Summoned on", for sure. +1. (With Hatched on and Grew up on remaining for the GoN of course)
  14. Picked up an egg i reaaaally wanted, just after using up all my freezes on Valentine's. Calculated I could still keep and freeze it provided i hatched it at under 12 hours, then stunned the hatchie just before it hit 4 days. Fogged the egg, forgot about it, it died u_______________u Kmn
  15. I need someone to incubate this egg! Forum Name: Aalbiel Scroll Name and Link: Cartwheel* PM Link: PM Incubate Subject's Link: Egg Have you read all the rules? Yep Who is incubating for you? N/A Pls
  16. (overabundant enthusiasm for Pacific Rim is never a bad thing tbh) Forrest Gumpkin - i'm dead (cause of death: excellent and therefore terrible pun - run, Forrest, run) And I may be reaching on this one due to letter switcharoos, is Ephabal a Wicked reference?
  17. (Argemone mexicana, aka mexican poppy, flowering thistle or cardosanto - and like I said, war flashbacks to reddit memes. Although it's been a while, I didn't realise it was still alive.) Sans, Undyne - someone is into Undertale
  18. @RainbowTheAlbinoServal Actually all my alt blacks are named for poisonous plants! Trypophobia - war flashbacks to my reddit days
  19. https://dragcave.net/lineage/IAR1h A frozen hatchie with a stairstep ?
  20. (neither ugh) Mageia Mageia or White Zyu ?