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  1. I agree, functionally it will not make a difference if you're suppressing one or increasing the other. However personally I'd prefer it to be framed as increasing/encouraging, because it's more intuitive to encourage the result you want rather than discourage the result you don't want. Even if there is actually no difference.
  2. Because instead of waiting week after week after week for your pair to spit out the breed that you need (especially in the case of unbalanced ratios such as with new breeds), you can actually do something about helping yourself by using this BSA. Maybe you will still get the wrong breed in which case, yes, you can abandon the egg, but it will not take you as long to get the breed you want. I don't see how this is problematic? It is in no way a "replacement" of abandoning, I'm not sure why you're equating the two...
  3. Thank you for my new favourite quote
  4. As far as I'm concerned, all breeding BSAs should be on a 1 week cooldown. The 2 week Fertility cooldown makes no sense, as breeding is possible once a week, raising something takes a week, Pinks have a 7d cooldown, etc.... All breeding related things are already on a 1 week schedule. So I would say 7d.
  5. I would love to be able to freeze each crack stage, that said I would settle for only one egg sprite per breed over no egg freeze at all!
  6. Yes, often the AP can be a completely immobile mess of various cave-blockers with lineages that nobody seems to want.... It's not all one breed, it's not all one breeder.... And yet it's honestly worse than a wall.
  7. Reminder: head over to http://dc.evinext.com for all your new release encyclopedia needs. The adults don't get cycled out very fast so there are plenty of hatchies and adults to click.
  8. Hmmm, the pygmies are very blocky and undefined so far.... Little portal snek definitely wins the day! I kinda had to look twice before I understood why there was a hole in these babs, but it's truly an original and well-executed idea. Excited for the adults.
  9. The one time a release is not during my night.... Who's hyped for dimorphism? This girl!
  10. Yes this would be good.... At this point it's easier to delete group and remake another which is also a pain but marginally less a pain.
  11. Beldarius, for all your hatchie (or egg) needs (except for holiday, out of season or Unbreedable hatchies), just go through hatcheries, it's the quickest way to get them. For instance Hatching Club has a handy "view all" page. For any adults, you should go through this thread, some people have posted their (very large) scrolls, you can just click all their adults, and also their dragons' lineages and progenies, that gets most breeds filled out in no time. For vamps just go through bite lineages. Some people also have their scroll link in their sig. For the most recent release you can usually find a decent number of adults in DragHatch, the closer to the release the better. As for Neglected eggs, they're usually pretty hard to find. I recommend keeping an eye on this thread in case someone posts one, or if you are on the Unofficial Discord you can keep an eye on the nd-experiment channel. Here is some of my stuff that may be less easy to find ATM: Arcanas: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 Starsinger: 1 - 2 Seasonals: - Autumn: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - Winter: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - Spring: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 Vampires: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
  12. Mints are rabbit-sized so they should breed like rabbits!!!!! (No, Pro, thank u for UR time oWo)
  13. Why is there a limit? There is no limit to regular freezing (apart from the time limits, which would also apply to the eggs, as it would be /the same action/ in this suggestion), and there is absolutely no reason why eggs should be treated any differently. That is the whole point of this suggestion: make freezing eggs super simple by being an extension of the existing system.
  14. The only thing about turning off javascript is that it breaks the grid sort page (possibly other custom sorts? not sure.) But otherwise yeah, turning off javascript is a pretty good solution. And if you have a quick toggle Javascript disabling add-on, it's pretty easy to switch on and off.
  15. This is just bugging me so much, sorry.... It's not a cave block, it's an AP wall. (Or AP block if you like, but I don't think I've ever heard anyone call it that). The page you are looking at and complaining about is the AP, not the Cave. The cave cannot be blocked by users. Cave blockers are overcommon eggs that drop in biomes in almost every shuffle and bother people by hiding other rarer eggs. That's it, my *old man yells at cloud* moment is done! 🙃 (And get off my lawn)
  16. You can never have them all unless one year there isn't a new breed, is my point. I do completely agree that with a limit of 4 you could have them all at once and that would be wonderful. I don't really care if the limit is 4 or raised to infinity like some are suggesting, I'm here with the low bar of "2 CBs is too low, raise it please" ^^
  17. You can't have all the sprites right now. With a 2 CB Holiday limit, for the last Valentine's and the last Christmas dragons, you can only have 2/3 sprites. Of course, you can catch up the next year, but then there will be two new breeds where you can once again only get 2/3 sprites. So even if you've collected every single other sprite on the game (I'm getting pretty close, zombies giving me a bit of trouble but at least it's possible to get them with enough time/effort), you will always and forever be missing 2 sprites from your scroll.
  18. Hell yeah, I want those eggos on my scroll!
  19. I am in favour for 2 reasons. - A personal one relating to my own sprite collecting goals. As it stands today it is simply impossible to have all existing sprites on your scroll, since every breed has 3+ sprites. So on every holiday, I can have an adult and choose a hatchie stage to freeze but I cannot have the 3rd sprite until a full year after, when there will be another breed that will itself be incomplete. I think for a sprite collecting site it's a little absurd to have it be functionally impossible to have all available sprites on your scroll. - I understand the logic behind a limited amount of CBs but it seems to me 4 CBs does not go against that logic. It is still a low amount which will leave enough for everyone and stay in the spirit of sharing etc while still letting people have all sprites and/or have more CBs to breed the next year/with non holiday dragons during the year and/or get more of a head-start on holiday lineages or goals. I don't really see any cons? It's not like suddenly making CBs unlimited...
  20. Agreed. Perhaps a system where we could tick the boxes of actions we would like to appear? So far the only action we can isolate is Freeze and that is, bizarrely, in the Help page....
  21. I like the name "Sway" best. Would not be opposed to "Heredity". "Prefer" is extremely vague and I don't think would make a good name for this BSA.
  22. (I realise this is not really contributing to the conversation but I suggest you change the title of this thread from Cave Blockages to AP Blockages or AP Walls or something.... It took me a bit of reading to realise this thread is about AP Walls, not Cave Blockers.)
  23. I guess so but for Stun it's the point of the BSA, not a penalty ^^
  24. Like I said I wouldn't mind a fail too much, but a big no to adding time to the egg/hatchie! No other BSA has such a penalty and I don't believe this needs it. A fail rate is fine if you really want some possibility of it going wrong.