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  1. A little bird told me I should try for that Frida Kahlo bingo I was talking about.... Bingo! And this one feels very reachy but I want there to have been a point to me trying to google translate 500 finnish dragons.... Bingo? (Because all your other secret (aka nothing identifiable to a non-finnish-speaker) Finnish Harry Potter references were Stripes?) Either way I have learnt some very useful everyday conversational Finnish phrases such as "Pumpkin King"...
  2. Thanks Ruby, I guess I was expecting clues a little less.... open to interpretation, but since it was an unintentional bingo I guess that's why ^^ (I thought it was just a pretty cool name for a Drake.) It's my first bingo I have no previous examples to learn from, although after you found the Pink secret bingo, I agree it was indeed pretty easy Based on the "odd one out" rule I would've probably gone for Frida Kahlo, as the only non-author in the "Library" list. But maybe her published journal counts? She still fits in pretty well with the very feminist crowd in that Library.
  3. The lineage thing - fine, I hadn't considered it, although personally I would still prefer the burnt scroll names be released, I do see your point. The "oh it's so sad to lose the memory of the people those scrolls belonged to" or something..... They obviously did something fairly majorly against the rules if their scroll got burnt, they didn't tragically die of a disease, I don't think that sort of sentiment has any place in the debate, at the risk of antagonising probably a bunch of people.
  4. https://dragcave.net/lineage/L9meZ A breed that you only have one or two of? (Excluding Leetle Trees)
  5. Flash Bingo! F1. Blue-banded - Bingo! (Not sure what the time limit was on this?) Also, would someone mind explaining the morphodrake secret bingo? I saw William Drakespeare on Aie's scroll but idk how that said "the secret bingo is a morphodrake", so since it's expired I'd like to know ^^
  6. You lose one dragon off your scroll for every day you don't log in. Better not go on a remote holiday.
  7. A very good question, free those names!
  8. You're right, thanks Ruby! Regular bingo R1. A checker lineage (at least 3rd gen) in which the two breeds’ colours are complementary. -- Bingo! Competitive bingo Com1. Dominant genes! A non-holiday dragon with the greatest number of only same-breed offspring. Progeny from a mate of the same breed will not count. 3 points, 2 points and 1 point for the highest scores. - Bingo! (It's very low but I don't breed much)
  9. Regular bingo R2. Two lineaged dragons of different breeds whose eggs can be found in a puddle. Bingo! & the second R3. A frozen unbreedable. (Leetle trees do not count.) Bingo! R4. A dragon that is your favourite colour. Bingo! (Green) Cascading bingo Cas1.b Alt Black, Alt Vine AND Alt Undine. Bingo! & the second & the third
  10. .... I'm pretty sure HC doesn't. I've always had to go click the "ER" box manually after my eggs hit 4d.
  11. Text? Nah. E-mails? I could get behind that, but failing that even an in-cave alert for offers would be very nice.
  12. Just go to the Cave, it's full of new eggs right now! Why do zombies sometimes show as gravestones?
  13. https://dragcave.net/lineage/IAR1h Your dragon with the longest lineage?
  14. As discussed in the Discord, here is a Mystery Hatchling to match the Mystery Egg: - Mystery Hatchie [img=https://image.ibb.co/ezkC9c/qyu.png] (Thanks to @Ashywolf and @Darkstorm34 for adapting the red hatchie sprite and checking art permissions on it.)
  15. @teresadurfin http://dragcave.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon_Types This is a good page on the wiki tbh, you don't have to click through to see adults, except for a couple things like alt colourings of pyralspites (but the "main" alts like black, vine, undine are directly on the page)
  16. That second sprite is probably the one for the cooldown from Stun BSA ? At least that's the case with the Aegis (there's an encyclopedia slot of both pacified and enraged forms), and Aeon (regular and 'lit up')
  17. Any Aria/Bright Pink, whether it be from the early days or from after the re-release, will now produce a majority of Aria eggs (or breed of other parent obvs) and once in a while a Pink.
  18. I've seen the thread and it's a gargantuan project, they seem to need truckloads of CB Gemmies....
  19. Aalbiel There are several types of parasites that can change the behaviour of their hosts significantly. For instance, the Toxoplasma species, which reproduces in cats but also infects rodents, will influence the rodents to act more recklessly (that way they're more likely to get eaten by a cat, the target host).
  20. Idk about Almandines, but I agree about Zyus. I've seen them even less than Xenos in the cave and you can't even breed one type of Zyu from the others, as opposed to Xenos. I think it's all a bit subjective but whoever put up the rules of that thread doesn't "consider" Zyus to be as rare as Xenos.
  21. https://dragcave.net/lineage/wHIKM A crackly fizzly Bolt (same idea: cooldown from BSA)