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  1. The good thing about boxing is that it makes very different sprites look equal on lineage page. Some sprites (that can be bred with each other) are wildly different sizes, and I'm not sure toggling on and off depending on which lineage you're looking at would be practical at all.
  2. Well, seems fixed now and I'm glad it wasn't a DC problem. Sorted!
  3. Has anyone had any trouble accessing the cave/forums in the last few hours? I've had trouble all morning (aka the last 3 1/2 hours). On and off, the cave and forums won't load for 1-2 minutes (the rest of my internet is fine) and then it just comes back on its own but it keeps happening again and again and it's made me give up on hunting bc it's just too annoying. Am I alone?
  4. I need an Influence ! Influencing Subject: Egg What Gender the Egg Should Be: Female Payment Offered: I'll happily breed you something if you like PM Link: PM Scroll Link: Scroll Who's influencing for you?: suane_lightfurr 4 hours left on it and my Precog just told me it's going to be male >< Edit: Influence Report! suane_lightfurr influenced a Magma to be female for Aalbiel!
  5. Eh, to me it's about 50/50 so it could be seen either way. And I guess to be consistent with the whole "freckles" thing it makes sense to have orange speckling ^^
  6. Nope, just Florets. It's to be expected though, the ratios are going to be heavily skewed towards Florets until the population grows significantly, I imagine at least a few more months. I imagine your best chance to get a non-Floret would be to breed with a recent common, like Spinel maybe.
  7. The internet was different back then ^^ We were used to not having all these fancy things... I was on some v questionable collectible sites before I joined DC.
  8. I'm not seeing any Lindwyrms (other than growing) on your scroll either. Don't suppose you saved the codes anywhere?
  9. Maybe Gemshards are Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire? That would make it alphabetical. No clue about Fire Gems ^^
  10. Looking at the wiki, and the history of that specific page, the BSA has been for eggs over 3 days at least since december 2009, so presumably since earlier in 2009 when it was created ^^
  11. I think it's always been eggs with 3 days or more? Anyways that is what it is now, in any case.
  12. Who bred all their brimstones when we were trying to make a wall x)
  13. Did the same but with my answer to the dragon bingo..... way to mispost to literally the most active thread on the forums.
  14. They're hitting the AP Happy hunting all
  15. Go fish as I have never even seen that! Two dragons with cool codes that would go well together if bred? (e.g. Beaut & Queen)
  16. Yes, that's it, you can make the offer no problem but if you're egglocked at the moment the other person tries to accept your offer of a hatchling for an egg (same if you're offering 2:1 and you're scroll-locked), they will be unable to accept your offer.
  17. Damn, mine will just be a drop in the ocean, but I'm glad to see so many eggs are going to be showing up!
  18. Someone I know has 300 groups, so.... You can make at least that, they haven't hit the limit yet ^^
  19. Idk how feasible this is.... But I'd love to see it on-site.
  20. Damn this blew up. I don't personally particularly want an on-site hatchery bc the existing ones are great. I wouldn't *mind* an on-site hatchery..... as long as it didn't cause lag. And despite all assurances to the contrary...... I really don't see that happening.
  21. I'm starting mine off right now, except for some 2-heads which are on CD and will have to wait until tomorrow. It's time for some dergs to get freaky
  22. i lowkey want this now.... this is the most chaotic neutral thing i've ever seen
  23. Same, I used AOND to arrange my growing dragons by time on my scroll, this new system is inconvenient >< Edit: It seems to have gone back to normal.
  24. Let's get ready for this I got a few more drakes bc my M/F ratio was waaaay skewed towards the males but now I've got more breeding pairs.