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  1. Thanks @Chococat0815 & @HeatherMarie, that did it for the Celestials!
  2. Thanks Ran, very helpful! Does anyone have the following: Corporealised Celestials, Frozen Celestials, or Naked Luminae?
  3. @GhostMouse My BSA-activated Bolts: x - x (still looking for naked Luminae)
  4. I have not tried this myself but I would assume that to be true, it makes the most sense! Just like Cave = no biome.
  5. Please may we have a "trade offer refused" button added when this feature is expanded? So you know when your dragon is no longer locked in trade and can be offered somewhere else, or so you can offer again with some more juicy bait perhaps.
  6. I still need some nekkid Luminae, if anyone has some/wants to breed them! Thanks to those who posted theirs already. @Peachycupcake525, I do think for hatchlings you are better off looking in hatcheries, that's generally the best way to find a whole bunch at once! Here are my hatchies though of the breeds you need: Balloon Green Horse Ice Nilia Pygmy Wyrm Spitfire Sunrise Sunset Bluna Ultraviolet 1 - 2 Whiptail (P.S. as always, if anyone has any pygmy zombie hatchies (or adults for the pygmy wyrms) that are not already on the zombie spreadsheet, i'd love to see them!)
  7. (TJ has been notified, no other news)
  8. Not while they are warded. Warding doesn't cure sickness but it prevents a sick egg from dying while it is warded. After warding wears off (6 hours), if the egg is still sick it may still die.
  9. I've been wondering this as well, especially since in the olden days (before my huge hiatus) I'm pretty sure there was only the leash message. Anyways, I've been paying attention a bit more and as far as I can tell there is no difference between those messages, at least none that I have been able to notice or figure out.
  10. According to many people on the Discord, it's not working for anyone.... Every trade offer auto-cancels, but one-way transfer links still work.
  11. Being able to act on your dragons (such as incubate, influence, etc...) is the main reason why i would prefer a "hide all growing dragons on scroll" option (same as current "hide all adults") over a mass-fog.
  12. Purples also used to be only female but that was changed as well.
  13. This. Honestly, until DC has a feature where you can directly WRITE to someone, this is so unnecessary. The worst I can imagine someone doing is putting up a trade where they abuse the freeform box to insult you or something but a) that would not actually go to you so you may even not see it and b) that is clearly forbidden in the trading rules and will result in the person losing trading abilities Edit: Ninja'd by Storm who made my exact point
  14. I'm glad it stays because you can click it to see old notifications.
  15. I think this should be prioritised now due to the trading market's introduction. If you post a trade it necessarily displays your scroll name and tbh I don't want to hide my entire scroll all the time. Hide growing things!
  16. Also, any naked Luminae, please? (Light or Dark).
  17. Does anyone have any Pygmy Zombies that aren't on the big Zombie spreadsheet? I need adults, and for Red-Tailed also hatchies. Some Corporealised Celestials that may help someone out: https://dragcave.net/view/uhw4L https://dragcave.net/view/nNiip
  18. I second the idea of having several trading pages, as it is previous trades disappear way too quickly and I'd like to be able to browse further back. The search option is nice, but only really works if you're looking for something specific. Sometimes you just want to have a look at what nice things are on offer.
  19. Click the little shard counter you have at the top of your screen, next to the clock.
  20. Hogwarts House Dragons !!!!!!!! Ravenclaw Represent
  21. With those stats I'd expect gendering around 5d18h for regular breeds. Slightly later gendering for some breeds, anywhere from 5d12h to 5d16h, and well, if it's a Zyu or a Prize you can wait a long while ^^
  22. There did indeed, I assume it's one of the many things that were either changed or unintentionally lost in the recent forum update. (It's still there on people's profiles though).
  23. People on the unofficial DC Discord are usually quite helpful with this, but indeed you can't ask on the forums.
  24. They're indeed still dropping. Just hang out in the Forest a lot, it took me a few weeks to catch one but I saw 3 in that time. Edit: Do make sure you have an egg-slot open. Even though it's auto-frozen as soon as it's on your scroll, you still need a slot open at the moment you catch it.