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  1. "Only" Sometimes I feel like it would be easier to just make my own ND
  2. @GraphiteStorm Thanks so much Those are so damn hard to find ><
  3. Perhaps there should be a "New Release" option on the drop-down menu, allowing you to view the trades for the latest breeds until they have an Encyclopedia page?
  4. Probably, yes. I wouldn't hold out too much hope of change though what with the current rate of typo correction
  5. I don't see in what way it is excessive, since it brings you no advantage whatsoever, once you've already reached platinum. Anyways, I'm not going to fight for this, I'm mainly looking to raise limits in general, I'd be happy with that already.
  6. I'm not saying it's rude for someone to refuse your offer, that's fine, it's fair, the maker of the trade gets to choose what they accept. What IS rude, is to leave an offer hanging around for 36 hours. Sorry, but there is literally NO viable reason for you to leave an offer hanging that long. Either you want it or you don't. Waiting a bit after posting to see how many offers/what sort of offers you get, sure. But that long? Just no. Also, yes I can cancel whenever I want, but the point of my suggestion would be to have an AUTO thing that people KNOW ABOUT. (Very different from the one where it auto-cancels on hatching, because unless you're obsessively following the other person's egg you may very well not know when that's going to happen). It's supposed to be an incentive for people to make a decision. I don't expect it to be instant, because people are not online and on DC 24 hours a day and it is also reasonable to not have to make an instant decision. But at this point you could leave someone's offer hanging for 4-5 days no problem, and there's really no reason why that should be happening. I would still prefer my first suggestion, which was to be able to offer the same eggs/hatchies on several different trades. I believe this would be more beneficial overall, and less contentious. I kinda dropped it because usually when TJ responds in a lukewarm way to a suggestion, it pretty much means no. But to me, the whole "spamming people with eggs" thing is a bit of a ridiculous overreaction. If you have an unwanted offer on your trade, all it takes is literally 1 click to refuse it. And even then, in the event where some troll would repeatedly offer the same thing on your trade as "spam" and you don't want the notifications, just don't cancel it, let it sit there, it has absolutely no influence on other offers or what you end up accepting. This is really nothing like real spam, aka message spam, which thankfully is not a possibility on DC.
  7. @DragonLady86 Thanks for your reply. I understand the potential problems of the multiple offers thing (although i object to calling anything a "junk" egg but w/ever.) If this doesn't seem viable, then I would like serious consideration to be given to having a maximum time for offers to sit around. I think 24 hours would be reasonable to give you time to see/consider offers, then the offer would auto-cancel if nothing is done about it. It would really be an incentive for people to make a decision and accept/decline offers rather than let them sit. This happens to me all the time, and honestly letting someone's offer sit, locking up their 4 hatchies for 36 hours is just plain rude. Yet as the offerer, you're torn between a) cancelling and trying your luck elsewhere, hoping they'll be more responsive, having wasted 24 hours sitting in a useless trade, and b) keep hoping they will respond, in order not to have wasted all that time. Auto-cancel would then mostly happen when the trade owner is just.... not checking DC, so you have a sign you should maybe move on to another trade if you expect a quicker response. On the other hand, if that's just a trade you want to try your luck on no matter what, nothing would be preventing you from re-offering on the trade.
  8. Some things that seem to have fallen by the wayside, unless I missed something: - Please, please, please can we have pagination. Yes, you can search by breed and in the free text area, but what about just browsing to see if something catches your eye? This would be so basic, at least it seems so to me, but so good. - I would simply love it if you could offer the same eggs and hatchlings on several trades at once. Basically, all your growing things (except too young and named) would be available at any time to offer on a trade. If one of your babies is on Trade 1, Trade 2, and Trade 3, and then your offer on Trade 2 is accepted, this would auto-cancel your offer on Trade 1 and Trade 3. Why do I want this? I am so sick of seeing my offers sit around for over 24 hours, sometimes 36 (even once 42 ><), without being accepted or declined. Up to 4 of my eggs/hatchies are just locked there, waiting, when there are other trades that they could have been offered on, which might have been accepted faster. If this is too complicated to be realistically implemented (I hope not, God I hope not), then at least put a time limit (24 hours?) on how long offers can stick around before you have to make a decision on them, to force people to make a decision and either accept or decline, if they don't want the offer disappearing.
  9. This suggestion is remarkably well-phrased and thought out, I'm impressed! A small caveat: I'm not sure that complicated the freezing action (which is extremely simple at this time) is likely to get implemented, it seems a little confusing at first glance. I think your first idea of (4+1*trophylevel) every 3 days is a lot more straightforward and overall preferable. I'm not sure why this idea has been discounted at all? It just seems a lot easier than this 4 day or under business which, in its simplest form as Marie has pointed out would make it hard to freeze S1s, so to make it work it does need all this extra "delayed freezing" business you have suggested, which seems like it would work but.... How is it preferable to the original suggestion? That being said, I am highly in favour of any mechanic that would increase the freezing cap. At the moment (and for the next year probably) I am mainly playing to collect all sprites, which means.... So much freezing. As it is, I barely have more than one freeze per day (Gold Trophy), which is so, so, low, whereas if I were AP hunting as I was before I hit my adult goals, I could raise so many more adults than that. (GhostMouse also has a point.... Why is there even a freezing cap after you obtain Platinum Trophy?)
  10. You can use bbcode, but it's EXTREMELY hit and miss, most of the time it misinterprets what you're trying to do and considers it formatted text. Best go with what lovecats said.
  11. So sad, it would've been a great addition to that breeding dynamic.
  12. Now all I want it for Stephen Fry to say "These are greasy boys."
  13. Agreed, despite the fact that I agree with most of the criticism of the publishing process, it's a shame it's being held in this thread. Can we move it along?
  14. Agreed, if this is intended behaviour it at least needs to be made clear, since the hatchie does, in fact, belong to you.
  15. Dracaena is correct, there is none. If you manually add all your CBs to a CB group though (could be time-consuming depending on how many dragons you have, I had 500 at the time and it really wasn't that long), later you will have a really handy way to see your CBs.
  16. Unless you weren't even referencing me, which seems unlikely, but I guess misunderstandings happen, please reread my first post. Thinking the description is a bit special snowflake and definitely should be more polished (as in no typos) has literally nothing to do with calling a concept "sloppy" or a dragon "ugly", neither of which are words I used, or would use. (I didn't even mention the dragon's appearances at all.) And to anyone who is telling me it was a mistake (the typo part), I know this obviously, it's clearly not intentional. But dragon descriptions are literally just one paragraph, at the rate of one a month, if nobody can find 5 minutes to beta-read or check before releasing then.... I guess we don't have the same definition of standards. P.S. If anyone other than TJ has the power to make Grammar Patrol something other than the useless void into which we all scream, please do something. Edit: cbussiere, I changed my phrasing because that was a poor choice of a word, in the end, but I'm not going to post more about it, so you get this edit ^^
  17. You'll notice there was specifically no insult. Although you won't find me complimenting anyone on their writing when they submit a completed description with whole words missing out of it. Anyway, it has been misinterpreted already, by people asking for ridiculous things in trade because it says "rare" in the description. Lots of people don't go on forums, and have only that to go on. They won't get what they're asking for so it won't skew trade values, but they will get a nice load of disappointment.
  18. Hey...... Can we agree saying "this breed is so rare, wow" in a dragon description is just bad? I'm sure this is not likely to be changed for the current dragons, but please never allow this to be done again. Seeing as like... the rarity itself is going to be dependent on how much people like them and whether they actually want to collect them. Also, it reads like "LOOK AT MY NEW DRAGON IT'S SO RARE U HAVE TO WANT IT BC IT'S SO SPESHULLLL". Please just do not.
  19. Yesssssss thank you @schmupti Here is a Neglected bab, will grow in about 12 hours.
  20. I'd call it turquoise, which is indeed a bit blue-green.
  21. Egg Available! (gone) I have a Musky egg to gift, if you have read the rules and fit the criteria, just PM me and it's yours.
  22. @GraphiteStorm I missed yours, I wish the alt sprite stayed longer >< Anyways here's the only Dark Lumina I had available for breeding: https://dragcave.net/lineage/SGE4l
  23. The "boost" thing seems to still be true, as I've seen an egg go back a couple cracking stages when traded from its original scroll. I don't think there's any truth to the alt thing, at least not that I've noticed. I haven't crunched the numbers or anything but my scroll has been pretty much devoted to alting recently and I haven't noticed anything to that effect.
  24. Spirit Ward question: if you view some dragons at one of the colour stages, and then wait until the next colour comes around and view the same dragons a day, does that count? (ps. still looking for Nekkid D/L Luminae)