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  1. ........... You think TJ, who is working alone on this site, for no money, in his spare time, is going to design a perfect 100% secure system with no flaws, so 100% secure that even if he gives the details of how it works nobody can work around it?
  2. I think this is completely a matter of preference. To me, DC runs on a 7d time and a 3d time. Eggs and hatchlings grow in 3 days, but eggs and hatchlings actually have a timer of 7d (which is relevant for zombie and ND exps for instance). Now we also have shards resetting on a 7d basis. Both systems can be intuitive, both systems work. I'd be happy with either option if I'm honest.
  3. His sentencing usually implicates every new married woman's soul. mlkzefgnz
  4. https://dragcave.net/lineage/kDdGy Does this count? Turns out there aren't any dragons without even a tiny touch of colour ^^ A 4-digit word/name/all-number code?
  5. Maybe now my collection has grown I'll be able to donate.... We shall see! Glad to have this thread back anyway.
  6. Actually, to a point, yes. Although TJ is under no obligation to any of us, a huge number of players asking for a simple enough feature is going to have a lot more effect than just one person mentioning it. So.... Maybe don't be so patronising?
  7. (I'm usually more wordy but.... a picture is worth a thousand words?)
  8. Following repeated (very repeated) discussions on the unofficial Discord on this topic (in case it isn't clear, fully in support):
  9. No idea but I'm curious as well!
  10. Correct, mine disappeared once, when I had no new notifications for a while and the old ones had aged out of the notifications page.
  11. Yes people are still asking for CB Golds in the Trading Hub ^^ Guess they haven't checked the market yet.
  12. I think Fuzz suggested a week because it's half the current cooldown? For instance in an extremely easily implemented measure, we could just have the same amount of freezes, but with 1 week cooldown instead of 2 week cooldown. I would be satisfied with this. I feel like this is a really easy solution and wouldn't allow the holiday mass-freezing some people seem to be so petrified of for some reason.
  13. Laeradr After Læraðr, a mythical tree often identified with Yggdrasill (the world-tree), most notably mentioned in the Poetic and Prose Edda.
  14. Twice in the last week, traded 4 CB hatchies for..... a completely messy magma egg, because I've been trading for CB Magmas recently and it was late and I just forgot to check
  15. Current limits do have a two week cooldown? Not sure what you're saying...
  16. @olympe I feel like we agree on principle (equal number of dragons raised whether you freeze or raise to adulthood) but how on earth do you propose enacting your idea? "Choosing whether your dragon is frozen or adult and you get no "extra" dragons"? This seems completely impossible in the form you're suggesting and I don't see any practical details proposed. @Aviatus As far as I can tell, nobody is opposed to the actual idea, but rather disagreeing on how to proceed, I think a poll is a great idea!
  17. The horses have been there forever, I really don't think it's likely to change.
  18. I'm afraid I'm going to opt-out of answering this 'reward' business because I don't even understand what points are being made anymore. Frozen hatchies are being talked about as if they are "extra" but they take up the same slots as any dragon. I'm confused. Regarding those maths, yes, they are correct, but you are in no way comparing that to how many adults someone could raise if they were focusing on freezing adults! At the moment, I have 16 freezes every 2 weeks. That's just over 1 a day. I am MAINLY interested in freezes, at the moment and for the foreseeable future. This freezing limit is severely limiting my scroll goals, because I can raise just over 1 dragon per day. (At the moment I am also raising adults, but honestly just for something to do with my slots. If I was able to freeze more, those slots would be going to freezies.) Someone who is focused on raising adults, with the same gold trophy, would be able to raise WAY MORE than 1 adult dragon per day, considering it takes 5 days (with incubate) to raise a dragon to adulthood (with incubate) and 3-3.5 days to raise it to adulthood from AP (AP times being averaged at 5- 5 1/2 days, which is generous considering recent release AP times). That's a maximum of 7 adults raised in 3 days, minimum 7 raised in 5 days, whereas I can only raise 7 freezies in 7 days. Perhaps the limit proposed was too high, as it doubles current freezing limits? (More or less.) Perhaps a better limit can be calculated. Perhaps 3+1*trophy level every 3 days would be fairer. But limits still do need to be raised, this is my first priority.
  19. I also don't get this 'rewards' thing? I think we can all agree (correct me if I'm wrong) that what we want is to adjust freeze limits so that we can raise as many (no more, no less) frozen hatchlings as we would be able to raise fully grown adults.
  20. +1 Personally I keep a "freeze calendar" where every time I freeze something, I write down the date and time it will come back. (An easy thing adding 14 days). It's requires being rigorous about doing it every time but it's really quite straightforward. I'm not saying everyone should do this, just saying there are ways to synch freeze slots under the current system that seem simpler than this alternative.
  21. It's a really roundabout way (Actions Log works as well, but is equally indirect) but that's all we have. I do think a specific timer/page would be nice, but I'd rather focus on raising limits/shortening cooldown, as this seems more important?
  22. Dino "rarity" is pretty random, as far as I can tell. Personally I had the hardest time getting purples, the easiest time getting reds. But then again I've seen less yellow dinos than any other in trading hub, and more greens than any other. And somebody else told me they were having difficulty getting blues, and somebody else told me they can't seem to get any reds in trade or in cave. So really, there's probably not that much difference ^^
  23. Aalbiel

    ANSWERED:How do I?

    When your dragons have grown up (Adult stage), they have a description that features the breed name, amongst other things! As you raise and view more dragons, you will also unlock the different breed pages in the Dragon Encyclopedia (in Account), and find out more information about each breed.