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  1. Nope, it's usually at the end of the month. The early July release was an exception, but then again there was no release in June. All in all TJ doesn't want to promise any schedule so people don't get mad when it doesn't happen when they expect it.
  2. +1 Actually, +100 000. Seriously, guys.
  3. My thoughts exactly (aka "oh no, not this debate again.") I really don't know enough to judge whether this would be impossible or not, so I have no choice but to believe TJ when he says it is. In which case this is really an exercise in futility.
  4. Amazing! A+ 10/10 etc... (If this was implemented because of this suggestion, that's the fastest suggestion-to-cave transition ever ^^)
  5. h a t c h i e d i m o r p h i s m hatchie S1 dimorphism??????
  6. I think Ruby Eyes is right, it needs to me more time after the drop date. 15 days like they suggested seems the best option to me. Anyways regardless of exact duration, I think a fixed period before and after each holiday would be a good way to do it, I really don't think it would be any harder to do 1 week before drop and 2 weeks after than it would be to do a specific month from the 1st to the 28th/30th/31st.
  7. https://dragcave.net/view/yvr0v Best egg design 5eva A 4G+ dragon where each CB is a different breed?
  8. https://dragcave.net/view/n/Newfound Blob A dragon that has a frozen sibling
  9. Here are two (just bred): https://dragcave.net/lineage/SGE4l https://dragcave.net/lineage/PINqv
  10. There are several people who collect gay codes, I'm one of them!
  11. Oh no 😧 I just checked, indeed it's been changed so that you can't check for alts >< Well there are going to be a lot more CB Purple Ridgewings and Purple Dorsals in AP I guess...
  12. Lord Pigwidgeon - HP Also a truckload of video game themed Pinks
  13. Even purple Ridgewings always get picked up from AP, though, eventually... Never seen an egg die from timer in AP, apart from Holiday walls of course. However I suppose it's possible that in the past tans were more/less likely to be bred because coding was tweaked or something, alas, we shall never know. I still think even looking at older Ridgewings will give us a pretty good idea. My results: 1 - 1/4 (1 tan out of 4 total Ridgewing offspring) 2 - 0/1 3 - 1/1 4 - 1/3 5 - 0/6
  14. There are two at the top of my scroll. But to be honest, for anything rare like chickens, NDs, etc... Your best bet is going through the first 10 or so pages of this thread and Ctrl+F : "chicken"
  15. Yep yep, a good idea all around!
  16. Bred my two CB Golds together when I was egg-locked because.... Oh well, they never produce an egg anyways. Guess what? It seems to have landed on the scroll of someone who currently has 5 (!) growing silvers and 3 growing golds so.... At least it's appreciated I guess.
  17. There is literally no such thing as perfect security, and if you think there is you watch too many movies. And revealing the details of any type of security will always give clues to how to take it down/work around it.
  18. I think everyone is in agreement with that one, except they're external websites run independently so it's pretty much moot unless the people who own those sites just decide to do that. Considering some of these sites are now running without their original scripter......
  19. Most viewbombing cases (aside from massive and much more serious events such as the EaTW fiasco which you weren't around for) are just people adding people's dragons to all possible hatcheries without their knowledge. In this case, ignoring views from specific IPs would do exactly nothing, as the views are given "legitimately" (apart from the fact that the owner of the scroll didn't agree to have their dragons put into hatcheries). (P.S. maybe go take a look at what was debated re: viewbombing in january/february, bc most of what is being discussed now is completely redundant.)