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  1. Magelights are lovely, but even if "large-ish" the adult is the size of the S2 murder chicken ^^ Still, they'll look good together. I would've liked to breed the murder chicks to common pygmies as well, lovely colour combo, but I think the sizes will be too unbalanced.
  2. I still think they're way too big to be a pygmy, but that's the only flaw I can find with them. Murder chickens 5eva ❤️
  3. Honestly, people are going on about how it's a collecting game so it should be easy. Do you know how hard collecting is? In real life, unless you're collecting something with a very small pool, you'll likely never get /all the things/. It's as much about having as it is about obtaining in the first place. Zombies are ridiculously hard to get and - do I wish the odds were slightly increased? Sure, it's frustrating to have a success rate that's hovering around 5%. But I'd sooner have it be this hard than have it be a sure thing.
  4. Noooooo, just saw a Spot hatch green in AoND >< This seems to ruin the 8h theory. I guess we're back to a day rotation theory. (@Vict hang on I'm pretty sure I can find them for you: Here's the Lunar Herald Rotator image (right now it's indigo but it automatically changes depending on what's dropping). You'll see some people (incl. on this page) have it in their sig. This is the Fire Gem rotator, same deal. )
  5. Someone will have to make those little signature rotators like there are for LH and Fire Gems ^^
  6. I think if it's based on days it's much more likely to have nothing to do with days of week, but just a rotation of Green (1st day) - Blue (2nd day) - Purple (3rd day) (or Green-Purple-Blue I guess ^^) over and over again. The good thing is it would be very easy to build a calendar, much like the LH calendar.
  7. It's really, really not ages. You only need to click 5. On Hatching Club there is a View All option which shows all eggs and hatchies currently in that hatchery. I've even managed to unlock Hellhorse hatchie entries this way pretty damn quickly, and that is a LOT more than 5 that you need to click. Trading Hub, for me, is more of a side help for unlocking Encyclopedia entries, if you happen to see one then click it, but I wouldn't use it as a main method of unlocking for sure.
  8. 2 revives, 2 zombies Out of 33 tries. Not amazing but not bad, I had worse luck last month. Still have to do 5 more later in the day and then I'll officially submit my stats to the spreadsheet ^^
  9. If it were random we would see a bit of all colours! Having seen only green ones until now makes the random hypothesis extremely unlikely.
  10. Current theories are: time-based (it could be a rotation every 8 hours, we should find out soon if this is possible or not), or breeding-based. If Corteo has said there will be blue and purple CBs this seems to disprove the breeding possibility though. (Sadly, for me ^^)
  11. The only egg that is actually a challenge to unlock is the ND egg. I'm only at 3/5 and I've been looking for 8 months ><
  12. No, the CBs can't be based on biomes, as all eggs for now have hatched green, regardless of biome.
  13. Yes, saying you're going to have to save up shards for a YEAR to get a spot in Market is definitely staying calm, and not at all dramatising In the meantime my own Spot hatched rn, it's also green (Coast, not that that matters). I hope it's a breeding-based mechanic, I'm not super fond of time-based mechanics myself.
  14. Because so many people in this thread have said that it does (incl. me). But anyone with a differing opinions seem to be perfectly happy to ignore this. (P.S. For the love of God, can people stop quoting entire huge posts just to reply to one small part of it. If you're on mobile and can't selectively quote, just @ the person, these threads are getting seriously unreadable.)
  15. I've been wondering that too. For like... Storm or Black Truffle, fair enough, it doesn't look like much. But it does seem weird that for instance the Nexus egg is "just a recolour" 😅 Edit: Have a question but didn't want to double-post. https://dragcave.net/lineage/e1S8 What is "0 generation"? Do all Thuweds behave this way?
  16. Wow, salty. For all we know these will be worth 100 shards in the Market (if available). Calm down. (Edit: not you Quetzals ^^)
  17. Agree. I am still against removing sickness, but this seems like a good halfway point to me. I'm not worried if things stay the way they are, but I'd be satisfied with softshell changing to something like this.
  18. So.... when are we getting "what people may or may not have an issue with" on the actual rules of the actual trading hub on the actual site?
  19. Lol, no way. The trade hub may have its faults, and there are certain types of trades you're better off making on forums, but we fought damn hard (or asked damn loud, I guess) to get on-site trading and thank gods we have it. (Also, while you could make an argument for beta, this is definitely not an alpha version. Alpha versions of software are tested by the people working on it. Aka in this case, TJ alone. It would not be viewable or usable by users.) (My main issue with trading hub btw is still PAGINATION)
  20. At this point the first user-owned hatchies are less than 12 hours off, I can't wait to see if colour = biome
  21. To me less pages in release thread is because less drama x)
  22. I'm surprised nobody took that before, but kudos!
  23. You're the only one who doesn't find it scary, it seems ^^ Little fat purple murder chicken to me. Very good sprites though, aside from the fact that I don't see how the adult could possibly be any bigger without starting to question pygmy status....
  24. Corteo has indicated this is actually a glitch, they shouldn't have hatched this way But Tj is asleep!
  25. It's goddamn terrifying x) Jynx, anyone?