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  1. According to the wikia, this has been confirmed by Birdzgoboom (the forum post it is referring to is inaccessible now though): "(Quoting SockPuppet Strangler: I personally pronounce it as "neo-strife".) Dis is the correct pronunciation. ^ It's actually pronounced "Darude - Sandstorm," but "neo-strife" is okay too."
  2. Honestly this seems like too much work to ask for. The web redesign of certain functions seems more reasonable? Someone who is a regular mobile user should make a list, I rarely use DC from mobile.
  3. Oh hey, how's that for an idea! Enforcing rules that are clearly stated! On-site! Instead of expecting people who have never set foot on forums (and everyone else, for that matter) to wade through this hellbeast of a thread! Revolutionary concept! Wow! (Seriously if somebody comes at me again with how the rules are common sense I swear I will slap a . If there are dozens of pages of this thread dedicated to "what is allowed", it's because it's not clear. It's because it's not intuitive. It's because we've been told that certain things like linking to a list of things you want (which certainly fits under "helping people understand your wants") will get you banned, despite it clearly following the on-site guidelines. It is ANYTHING BUT common sense).
  4. Wow I totally didn't read "adult" when I first answered this post, so this is an edit, and yeah there are no adult purples. *hides*
  5. Not everything is valued by breed. For instance, yesterday I was trading an all-number code. If I was depending on people to filter by breed, it would've very quickly fallen into oblivion because the breed itself isn't what people would be looking for. The only filter they could use to find it is the free text one, for instance by searching "code". Who's to judge when it's fallen off the first page when the free-text filter is used? It would completely depend on which search you've entered. Same for SA-kin, prizekin, etc. No to banning bumps, unless of course pagination is implemented (pagination please, already, jfc), then fine.
  6. Yo, it's not a goddamn loophole to want to signal to someone that you want to accept their offer but can't because they're egglocked. If it's against the rules, fine, just write it in then. Some things don't need saying because they're common sense, like don't write insults in the Wants box, or even song lyrics that are irrelevant to the trade. But for anything relevant to the trade, it is very much subjective what is or isn't misuse. Most modern countries have a legal principle stating "ignorance of the law is no excuse", which means you are expected to know the rules, that is your duty, to inform yourself. The other side of that coin is that the law must be freely available to anyone to read, else they cannot be held to it. This is not a justice court or anything, but the fact that that principle has been in effect since Roman law tells us that it's really common sense that rules should be written down before they can be applied.
  7. Oh god I remember that ^^' (I feel so old). Truly fully-fledged "i will protect my dragons with my dying breath" panic. Also, no, they're a lot larger than pumpkins to me. Pumpkins just happen to have a.... rather large pumpkin around them.
  8. It's now exactly 1 hour to purple adult, so not long to wait!
  9. There is absolutely no way there would not be any kind of crossover spoiler from this. People would undoubtedly post about it in the News thread. Just wait a couple days, somebody else will figure it out for you, no headache. And yes, like Fuzz says, you don't have to wait any longer with incubate. According to the current theory, the colour is based on the AGE of the egg, not the timer.
  10. Well otherwise, you can just wait a week, and people will figure it out for you ^^ (I say a week as a generous estimate, unless we're talking Dark Lumina it usually takes less than 3 days.)
  11. Yep! Getting the correct colour Gemshard will take much longer on average, and even longer if RNG is against you ^^ This mechanic (while I probably won't be building lineages myself bc effort) is interesting in that it provides more control. Assuming we're correct ^^
  12. To me blue is easiest to get, because it just involves doing nothing ^^ No fogging, no BSAs. Luckily it's my fav.
  13. Thanks, it's all fixed on my scroll!
  14. Mine so far, confirming ADP's theory: Incubated, hatched at 4d (but actually 5d because incubate - basically egg was 2 days old): Green Non-incubated, hatched at 4d (3 days old): Blue Like many others I will fog one to hatch (unincubated) at 3d (4 days old) and see if that makes a purple.
  15. Eh, can't be bothered, I'll err on the side of confirming whether you can get Blues at 4d and report in ^^ FOR SCIENCE!
  16. I'm way too tired to read through 20 more pages. So according to ADP's theory, to get blue I can just hatch my unincubated egg at 4d? Or do I need to fog it until 3d23h?
  17. I personally use Trading Hub the most, because it's very convenient. (Pagination issues aside). I still occasionally use the forums (or Discord) to organise IOUs, or if I have a bigger ask that might take longer to fill and I want it to be more visible (again, pagination issues). I have certainly seen a lot of wild asks, especially to do with new releases. To be frank I think all the things to do with undervaluing or overvaluing stuff are much more common on the Trading Hub than they are on forums, because it's a different population. On forums you mostly get people who have been trading for a long time, know more or less the value of things and all the lingo. On DC you get every player, including all those that have never set foot on forums and were probably baffled by some of the "wants" abbreviations. If you played solo up to now, how are you to know CB is "good" and messy is "bad"? (I think those value judgments are bad themselves but it is what it is).
  18. I laughed so hard at that censorship x) I love it I have a branch in my room, it keeps very well and is so soft.
  19. I know that there is nothing forcing me to lose names to this, but much like HM I sometimes zombify dragons that were not raised as zombie fodder, and already have names. It's not a huge ask to unname dead things imo ^^
  20. I don't know how the hell you're doing this, but aside from the very occasional Zyu (I usually don't bother ERing them), my ER'd eggs NEVER get sick. So.... clearly it can be done, since I do it literally every single time. And I don't mean soft ER like it takes 6 hours, I mean an incubated egg will take 1h-1h30 to hatch. Maybe the side-effect of this would actually be to have people pay more attention to self-inflicted softshell, aka "non-serious" sickness bc you saw it appear so you know it hasn't gotten bad yet and just fog for a bit. This way you actually have to be a bit more subtle. (Vs viewbombed sickness, which may happen while you're asleep/gone and can get p serious before you're aware of it). (I agree with Shad, I guarantee nobody reread that post that you quoted in full, because it was literally just above. This just makes threads hard to read.) As for the stunting options (as outlined in olympe's post at the top of the page), I personally think option 3 would be very good. It keeps the option for death, which is only logical if an egg/hatchie gets sick enough, but technically ONLY death by timer, if your egg/hatchling has been sick its whole life. So nobody can quickly kill someone's stuff, in any circumstances, but if you neglect to check on your things for several days at a time (it would really have to be at least 4 days) then they may die, but that puts the responsibility fully on the user, where it should be. I'd settle for option 2 in a pinch, but I really think option 3 is the way to go. Not sure about this, but - re: AP getting filled up with sick things in option 3, perhaps APing could cure sickness, or if not cure then reset possible hatching time to where it normally would be without sickness?
  21. Hard yes on bringing this suggestion back! I've lost many good names to hasty zombie attempts >< I personally really don't care whether it's unname or rename or both, but one of those please!
  22. I thought of that too, it's not an unlikely inspiration. Purple Pooka?
  23. Realistically it's either "Pu" or "Py", so Purple is looking pretty likely. I kinda love Purple People Eater ..... Purple Harpy?