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  1. Still highly support this, please. Doesn't seem like it would be very hard to implement and I can't see a downside to it! No reason to lose good names forever because of a mistake (or ignorance, that's how I lost my first name to a dead dragon).
  2. I agree, I'd love for this ability to go to Arias. I don't think there should be a fail rate per se (as in the BSA has a chance of having no effect), but rather it simply increases the chance of getting the breed you want. Say you're breeding two commons but one is more recent. You normally have 30% chance of getting Breed A, and 70% of getting breed B. The BSA could simply tilt those chances one way: if you use it on the Breed A parent you could shift it to 50% chance of breed A. That way it's not a guarantee but still very helpful!
  3. Because we have no idea if this behaviour is stable, because we have no idea if the under 3d egg problem might happen again when people start mass-breeding again (it very well might), and finally because nobody wants to see their eggs disappear into the "void" without firm confirmation that they will, indeed, reappear at some point in AP, and nobody wants them to drop to such a time that they might misgender, and nobody wants to see them potentially hatch in the void if they already have some views. @TJ09 It's been a little while, hopefully not bothering you on a holiday or somethi
  4. Fuzz, sorry if I wasn't clear enough but the issue I was pointing out is the same one that has been in most of this thread (except for my very first screenshot), which is that some eggs seem to be kept in a "void" before entering the AP at an abnormally low time. (So even if the AP appear chronological it's still not acting normal).
  5. Alright, this is still going on. AP today: All those 3d17h eggs are Terrafreaky's again. TJ, all those eggs were bred and APed after you said you thought the AP would fix itself when the old eggs had cycled out. Clearly it didn't. Could you please look into some other solution?
  6. So shall I, and markedly more so when the AP goes back to 100% normal again. (Funny how the pleasure of anti-wallers counts to them but the pleasure of people who enjoy walls does not? Must be malevolent.)
  7. I am laughing so hard right now. Yes, dropping AP times is soooo malevolent. Wouldn't life be great if AP was up at 6d instead of 4dxh because of walls? So great. /heavy sarcasm Anyway I'm still seeing some eggs popping out of limbo now and then, but things do seem to have quieted down mostly. Hopefully within a couple days it will be entirely resolved.
  8. That's not impossible, but if he was I don't think he'd have answered with "I didn't change anything in AP, please provide proof anything is even happening" (paraphrasing) but rather kept quiet.
  9. I am posting this as suggested by TJ after I pointed out some recent oddities about the AP. To sum up: the AP is no longer behaving as expected, that is to say, eggs are no longer coming into the AP in order of their timers. Some eggs are abandoned, reach "AP times" or lower, and are still not appearing in AP. Hopefully the following summary of observations will be enough evidence to point out that something really is broken. First, a few days ago, the AP started displaying eggs non-chronologically, with fairly wide disparities in times. No, I'm not talking a few lower time eggs ge
  10. Unfortunately the examples I had of eggs that for sure should have been appearing and weren't taken have already passed. Thanks for your input, seeing as you have confirmed this is not intended behaviour I will probably go and make a Help Thread!
  11. Okay, now it's for sure, something has /definitely/ changed in AP. Eggs are simply no longer showing up in AP as soon as they hit "AP time". For instance it's now possible to breed an egg, abandon it, and have it be several hours under AP times while still not appearing there. It's sort of "in limbo". Has this got anything to do with preventing walls? Perhaps, perhaps not. It does not entirely prevent them, anyway, as evidenced by the Neotropical wall going on right now. But yesterday someone bred an Aqualis "wall" which did not wall but instead sunk below AP times and trickled th
  12. Female Luminox : Big Chicken Mama I already had plans to pair the Glowbacks with Kyanites, probably also Magelights..... They gon look so good
  13. That'd be a huge job, but very useful. @Alwerien Here I did mine for you: https://dragcave.net/lineage/uhw4L https://dragcave.net/lineage/nNiip
  14. For a couple days the AP has no longer been sorting strictly chronologically..... Has something been changed about the AP maybe?
  15. I've been playing since 2008 and I had no idea there was such a thing as a scroll number oO So I think the scroll number would definitely have to be more obvious to be useful. But even then, it's a lot easier to remember a name than a number like 30165 (random example idek what the correct amount of digits is) if you're going to be familiar with all the scrolls you regularly interact with...
  16. Definitely, Fuzz. I have witnessed at least 5 people voice this sentiment. Anyway any "in-game fix" that is going to raise AP times is going to be more of an annoyance than any walls to me.
  17. I think what hasn't been brought up in this thread yet, but is important and was in previous name change threads, is tracking name changes. To me, there should be: - A link on your public scroll page that lists your previous usernames. That way, people can keep track, and also if they have had a bad experience (for instance, trading) with a certain user they can keep staying away from them and not be fooled by their new persona. - NO redirect from your previous scroll name. So that people who are changing their name because they are being bullied (for instance, viewbombed) und
  18. Waiting for these glowy babies to adult is going to be.... torture.... I want them so bad *tiny grabby hands for tiny babies*
  19. Still, it originally had a description (a good one imo) when the breed was in DR, I think maybe it's just been forgotten? It could have been removed after the concept was completed I suppose, but that doesn't seem likely to me. @TJ09 is the hatchie description of the pygmy just missing? Edit: Forgot to mention how HYPED I am for this pygmy breed, it's in my top 2 favourite wishfuls ever. Moth dragons (calling them moths because they're attracted to lamps.... idk man idk) seem nice so far but will take a back seat for me because my heart already belongs to the shiny babs.
  20. It really hasn't been that bad? The only wall I got annoyed at was some weeks ago, a Nocturne wall lasting over 24h, that was excessive. Otherwise, there's really been plenty of movement, even the brimstones didn't last that long. And have you seen AP times? They're constantly hovering around 4d, which I cannot express enough gratitude for. If we're talking time "lost", I'd much rather and come back a couple hours later to pick up something I like more, than hunting the AP at over 5d12h (which used to more often than not be the times in AP, except in the couple days after a release
  21. 10k shards? oO That's a little insane, and your yearly cap would be completely redundant. I am much more in favour of either: - the escalating price idea, with a cheap first change such as the scale olympe suggested - no price at all (bc really, why should this cost shards) and a long cool-down (a year?) - again, no price, and a 3 time cap on changing your scroll name. 3 times ever, then no more.
  22. There are plenty of vampire adults in the early pages of this thread. Just go through the first pages and Ctrl+F "Vampire".