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My scroll uwu - Soulpeaces!!!  /  The Mintopia  /  Unofficial Discord (Most of my saltkins are all up for request!)

Collecting Soulpeaces! As many as possible! Soulstones too but those are only holiday!  I can breed saltkins for soulpeaces. Just check my scroll and message me!
Other dragons I love to collect are in this group! https://dragcave.net/group/112174 💜 

My new Shim, will also be up for request, as are my Leap day gon, and normale gons. However. my shim is still mine alone and i will not accept sour people >.< 

bongokhusa.gif w8ZWClv.png.7999e881235fc5edf5844af557b70240.png Soulpeaces uwu Soulp.png.40e1cbba08fc053391f053d811005e4b.png [: I will trade 2g prizekin or 3g saltkin for any cb fae codes]

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    Art. Music. Lights. Recoloring dragons (With permission of course). Reading. drawing, doing commissions. mooching.