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  1. How do I go about maintaining the ability to speak the language? That may seem pretty dumb as a question, but I dont really know any people who speak any other languages so speaking is going to be difficult. As well as travelling will be difficult due to an inability to leave the country at the moment. I'm open to any suggestions!! As far as local communities and groups go there doesn't seem to be any as the one I've found seems to have been last active a few years ago.
  2. whoops, yeah should have mentioned that. Im in the South of England but I can get to London, just not very often
  3. I've visited germany once when I was around 14 maybe 13. I didn't really speak to anyone while I was over there. Mainly because I had social anixety and everytime I stuttered people started to speak for me. I intend to go again one day. As far aa conversation groups, I generally don't know and don't really know anyone from outside my local area. Oh and I'm from the United Kingdom if that helps at all That's alright! and I've been using Duolingo for around a day now and it's bring back a lot of what I learned in school which is quite nice But thanks for recommending it! Already using two sites, duolingo and memrise. Although the TV show idea interests me, how much german/ of a language should I know before I do this, because I found myself getting a headache after about 30 mins of watching even with subtitles. Do you know of any tv shows with shorter episodes? And I would love it if you shared some of the songs, movies, books, etc for spanish I'll certainly watch of few of my favorite movies in german now Im always afraid to make mistakes I feel like people will laugh at me for it which is why I'm rubbish at speaking I'll bear the singing lions in mind, sounds like fun In a few days time, I'd like to see if I can have a basic conversation with you or one of the other german speakers to test if I'm doing it write, it would probably be really weird. And is it a good idea to learn multiple languages at the same time or just one?
  4. So since leaving school I'm sort of regretting not taking more languages and not putting the proper amount of effort into my german grade. I was wondering if there were any websites that people found useful when they were learning another language. I'd prefer them to be free if possible but I'm open to paid options if people think they are good enough Languages I'm interested in learning(in order of preference of learning): - German (got a few of the basics covered) - Spanish - Russian - Swedish - Polish - Chinese - Arabic - Italian and maybe latin