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  1. 4 minutes ago, DragonLady86 said:

    I'm pretty sure that all the actions known to give shards ARE listed. What more do you want?  And why do you need more? unless the cap is raised there would really be no point.


    Is there an official source you can link me to? I haven't found one yet.

    I said (in parentheses) what my intentions are :(

    Not "more" currency over all, just different ways of obtaining it.

  2. The list of qualifying activities to earn Shards that has been produced in that thread is not exhaustive. I am looking for an exhaustive list of all actions that currently provide Shards now that some time has passed since the introduction of the Market (so that perhaps the discussion of adding more qualifying activities in the future can happen, like naming dragons among other things).

  3. First week's breeding was a fail. I think once I finish this gift, though, I'll start gifting offspring since I don't think bronze tinsels are worth much. Saw someone else do it, thought it was kinda cool.

  4. So I've been gone since 2013~ (first Shimmer release). Is there any kind of wiki or anything that listed any kinds of changes that I may have missed (new breeds, old Pinks/frills came back somehow, etc)?