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  1. Hidden recipes. Of course. Thanks Pinkgothic 😊
  2. Grain has no use. I went through every recipe and grain has no purpose. I feel this is an oversight more than glitch. It can't be used to make flour, that is already dropped with the other ingredients. Nothing but a waste of a drop
  3. No idea what that error is, but it's all that any page I navigate to says. 'An error has occurred' along with a tombstone. What happened? Can I get some help please?
  4. Something rather odd. I found two of the exact same egg. Their loop is slightly different, but it's the exact same animation. I think this is the link, if anyone wants to see. I only have 4 so far, in the bottom most collection. https://dragcave.net/easter/elsapeth
  5. So there is no dragon raffle this year?
  6. Oh my god! I love these new sprites. I might have to go on a breeding binge of all my original splits now!
  7. I feel like doing some sort of Halloween Dance. Not sure how it would go...
  8. Great job, TJ. They look good!
  9. Why aren't any of the other blue dragons included in this? Water Dragons, for instance? Their nice blue color would be perfect!
  10. I might have to do a Mass Breeding of all my split eggs...I think it would be fun to do something like that. Of course I'd have to name them all first
  11. I just named two of my Golden Wyvern Dragons: The Golden Creeper, and The Illusive Female Villager. I bred them for a friend on Minecraft, and inspiration struck after I bred then to name them. I love the female name.
  12. Again, something I feel is being overlooked. There will still be limits on how much egg gathering anyone can do over any period of time. Even IF you were able to max out egg collecting every day with this layout, there is still the scroll-locking mechanism. Hatchies will lock your scroll. I don't know if this was supposed to be part of the whole layout, but I felt it should be pointed out. It still there to keep us from going egg crazy. I understand this is just for Egg hunting, but I felt that this annoyance should be pointed out, especially since it was ignored on the last page.
  13. Something everyone seems to be overlooking is Hatchlings lock your scroll as well. If you hit the max number of hatchies you can have, you can't pick up any more. Even with this idea you can's go out and pick up x number of eggs per day and still have space to pick up that many again the next day. You still have to wait for hatchies to grow up. I've run into this problem multiple times during holiday madness.
  14. Elzapeth -> Shimmersylph; Red (7Vdej) Elzapeth -> Shimmersylph; Magi (CGyiX) Elzapeth -> Shimmersylph; Pink (ZI3YO) Elzapeth -> Shimmersylph; Pink (yvAXH)
  15. Oooh, I didn't see that in the first post, lol! But yeah, that was part of my concern. My thinking was vaguely along the lines of 'more work for more slots.' In other words, future trophies would require even more adult dragons to earn the new trophies. I had more time to think about what I was trying to say, lol
  16. I'm all for this! I'm also for the expansion of the trophies, allowing for more eggs and hatchies. There have been times where the hatchies are the ones that lock me, and not the eggs, LOL! I would be all for more slots, even if they are not as generous with each new tier of trophy. I would be for alternating additional slots as the required amount of dragons goes up, if that makes sense.
  17. I want to donate! Elsapeth - PM Will Breed: Red, Pink, Magi, Purple, Vampire, Pebble, Shallow Water, Soulpeace, Magma, Thunder, Ice Notes: None, at the moment
  18. Is there a list of the winners somewhere? I'd like to look, as I always get the feeling I somehow missed a winning email.
  19. I'm guessing the owner must be the same
  20. Pretty pretty I just found in the AP http://dragcave.net/lineage/I5weW Thank you for breeding and giving away!
  21. I love the vines! I also love the new image. I'm also partial to a plan where the current Vines stay as they are, just as the Old Pinks didn't change with a revamp of the image. Mostly I feel the hatchlings need updating. The similar hatchies across very different species needs to be addressed and dealt with.
  22. That is fabulous!!! But why can't we have twice the amount of space to work with?