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IOUs are accepted on a case-by-case basis

I do breeding requests (see profile for more info)


Seeking 3g Alts I don't have from the following list. Please PM me if you can breed any as I can trade CBs of your choosing including metals or rares, or breed from my scroll in return.




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    Hey there!

    I'm open to breeding requests. Completely for free
    Check my scroll for any of my CBs (see group link here >>> https://dragcave.net/group/40591) you may want bred or spriter's alt or prize lineages you may be interested in from the "My Lineages" link in my signature

    Things Owed to me:

    2g Gold Shimmer from LishaDragon

    3g Blue Herald from alt Valentine from EternallyShadow

    2g Silver Tinsel from Caerhann

    2g Bronze Tinsel from Crazykeeper

    2g Bronze Shimmer from animatedrose

    32 CB new May release hatchlings (0/32 given) and 1 male alt black from Niyaka

    Things I Owe:

    For Process - CB mints(27/50 given)