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IOUs are accepted on a case-by-case basis

I do breeding requests (see profile for more info)


Seeking 3g Alts I don't have from the following list. Please PM me if you can breed any as I can trade CBs of your choosing including metals or rares, or breed from my scroll in return.




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    Hey there!

    I'm open to breeding requests. Completely for free
    Check my scroll for any of my CBs (see group link here >>> https://dragcave.net/group/40591) you may want bred or spriter's alt or prize lineages you may be interested in from the "My Lineages" link in my signature

    Things Owed to me:

    2g Gold Shimmer from LishaDragon

    3g Blue Herald from alt Valentine from EternallyShadow

    2g Bronze Shimmer from animatedrose

    32 CB new May release hatchlings (27/32 given) and 1 male alt black from Niyaka

    Ungendered neglected from Feesh

    Things I Owe:

    For Process - CB mints(39/50 given)

    For JaneMcAsh - 3g Gaia from Prize checker