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  1. Okay, I just wanted to point it out, especially when yellow Floret has that value assigned, but purple one not.
  2. I agree with you all. Chatdweeb, your "cheesy" analysis is very lovely and true I'm very curious what season 6 will bring to us.
  3. Wow, I'm really shooked too. What do you guys think about it?
  4. Hello, I've got some stupid question. I made a post in some thread and I wanted to hide it's contents (because of spoilers) and I chose the option to hide WHOLE comment. Even I can't see it. How can I unhide it and hide only some content of this, but in that way that people would just click it to reveal what's in there (you know what I mean?) I'm really confused.
  5. Hello, I noticed some time ago that purple Floret Wyverns take a little weird place when you use rainbow sorting. Instead of being with another purple dragons it is placed on top, just over the red dragons. I don't know if it is an issue or it was for some reason, so I'm posting it here. Thanks in advance.
  6. I wasn't able to get all too, but it's much better than...some of past years But thank you for wonderful event <3
  7. I won an mint egg, but it is not upside down when I view its page. Did I do something wrong? Edit: uh, nevermind
  8. Got 2 of each kind of eggs. And this is really awesome! Can't wait to see the adults.
  9. If I were in their place, I would just delete this art and apologize to the DC. I think finding free image of a dragon to commercial use or find an artist who would make a whole new logo is not a problem. We can't say anything if there's no info from artist who did this sprite. In these days everybody can easily prepare fake e-mails etc. so I would not believe so easily in that "proof". But naming us trolls is out of place. We just want the clarification of the situation. So where is the trolling? If Silvanon gave them permission to use this art, then we can't do nothing besides
  10. Scroll name: silverwolfus I just want to have more cards, it's very nice to receive anything.
  11. Very nice dragon! Thank you TJ and spriters for wonderful Valentines! With these flowers it resembles a bit Garland dragon <3
  12. We had Omen and Garland, these were not western dragons. So I don't see anything wrong with western valentine.
  13. I love how Snow is just a little bit grumpy when you wake him up, but later seems to enjoy picking flowers.
  14. Jeez. That RIP screen freaked me out. Overall, this event is great. A great occassion to say something nice to many people. And dragons are great! OwO
  15. Much love to you all This event is lovely and egg has very cute description. Wonder what it will be.
  16. A little bit frustrated because I need one cb mutamore... I'm sitting in cave for few days and I can't grab it...
  17. I can't catch none too. I don't know what alt sweetlings are but whatever
  18. Finally at home. Wow. The way how pigments work in paints is crazy...
  19. Cobra =========== Apricot
  20. Ember is such a fiery dragon...but not MADE OF fire....
  21. I've made hard puzzles within a minute...woah I thought today will be hatchie rain/low time eggs in the AP... But I missed it unfortunately. But at least I'm happy with my new hatchies, just waiting for the next year.
  22. Adults are really beautiful! They look great with Snows :> Next year I'm expecting gingerbread one (as someone earlier said)....but also I feel the need for some gorgeous sparkling icy dragon Maybe I will design something, dunno... But thank you TJ and spriters for great work! This site is amazing!
  23. It's good to know that somebody looks to messy lineages I like them too, especially when names are funny...then it becomes beautiful!
  24. Managed to get eggs with some neat codes ( TImez and Lfoam xD) I'm just surprised that I managed to solve that puzzles at hard difficulty. Wow. I thought I was too stupid for this I'm just waiting dragons to grow up :3
  25. Please tell me they will be somehow asocciated with candles....It would be great concept And so far, they look cute ^.^ Tetris game is good also