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  1. Hello! Your art is really good, especially for 16 yeara old person. I like the way you draw things- I see really interesting synthesis and cartoony shapes and lines. I see also you do Steven Universe fanart. Very nice I would only suggest you to break your stated lazyness and give us more paintings. Also maybe try to play more with color if you like.
  2. When dead dragon lose it's ID? When I see some lineages I see gravestones with IDs or just with label "deceased" and with no ID. How does it work?
  3. Yep! My friend is trying to make lineage with right colored nebulas and gemshards and it's veeery hard. Also I like all the colors. I traded dino for 4 green ones (they're so cute), and I'm going to hatch one blue and one purple if everything will go ok.
  4. If this mechanic is true it doesn't bother me at all. You just have to be patient for getting color you want. Getting right colored nebulas or gemshards is in my opinion harder and requires more time.
  5. I think that spotted hatchie sits like a dog or something. It doesn't bother me.
  6. Woah! Catched two pygmies and one colourful. Hatchies look bery interesting for now.
  7. I must say something about last episode.
  8. Ah. Sorry. I'm from Poland too, it's just nice to see fellow Pole here.
  9. Why? I'm not feeling ready, I'm making a little of stuff digitally but I'm not feeling right for something bigger. I have so many things to learn... And this item set looks very nice!
  10. Your pixel art stuff is amazing! I'm upset that your holiday dragon didn't pass, I would definitely collect them so much. Your digital art is veery good too. I must convince myself to try it....But now I'm practicing all traditional stuff, I'm planning to touch digital art later. And browsing your deviantart- are you from Poland?
  11. Black Truffle is looking good, but I don't know what's hapenning with Pyrovar's legs. I liked hatchies more than adult, to be honest. Also name Pyrovar reminds me some kind of brewing/cooking machine, so kinda funny. I think they will make a good match for brimestones That oily rainbow hide of Black Truffles is amazing.
  12. Punk pillow...you made my day! Your doodles are adorable, they have a power of cheering up people
  13. What's up with these windy ones? I grabbed one because of curiosity.
  14. I am waiting them to grow up because I can't say anything about current s1 hatchies. They're cute, and it seems they will be next westerns.
  15. I cant wait for the musky one!
  16. Woah, thanks TJ! Unfortunately egglocked.
  17. Hello! I can say your art is nice and I can see a progress which is very good thing. You are good with coloring, keep it up and make it better and better. I can tell you that you must work with anatomy. Maybe try to draw people from real life? Fast sketches (1~3 minutes) are really good for practice. There's so many tips and tutorials here on the internet that can help you with this, I can send you some if you don't know where to look for. It can really help with making your art better and better. You've got potential for that And...just keep working. This is most importan
  18. @The Dragoness @HeatherMarie, thank you very much for your answers!
  19. What's the use of Ward BSA? Isn't it better just to fog your dragon than being warded for 6 hours (and it doesn't cure it) I just don't understand in which situations it's useful.
  20. I accidentially abandoned one of my precious undine eggs with spriters alt lineage instead of hiding it (because of sickness). I am really angry...
  21. Thank you TJ and spriters for delivering such a beautiful dragons! It's hard to say which is my favorite, it's too tough...
  22. Woah, Happy Birthday DragonCave! It's very nice release! Past year we had Power Rangers, this year is Harry Potter. Eggs and hatchies look so amazing! I love Ravenclaw one. (But I hoped that Hufflepuff hatchie will be more fluffy)