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  1. Does an Incubator option still work? I can't reach it's page via account settings but I can still get to it via direct link. Unfortunately, generating the incubator makes an error. I don't know if it's issue of using mobile dragcave or whatever else.

    I'm asking just for curiosity, because it isn't option I desperately need xD

  2. 5 hours ago, blockEdragon said:

    Part of me thinks it would be funny and kind of fitting if dragons stole people away because they like "adopting" humans in a similar way to how humans like "adopting" dragons and it was just a staple of life in the DC universe.

    Royalty gets taken more often because they're rares - princesses = CB golds!


    "Honey, a dragon sole our child to raise at it's own!"
    "Again? Are we rares or something?!"


    "Whelp no time like the present, lets make another child!"

    "Sounds good."

    *Several rare hunting dragons are rapid fire refreshing the page*

    "This baby has blue eyes and-" *CLICK*



    "Whelp no time like the present!"

    *Several rare hunting dragons are rapid fire refreshing the page*

    XD thank you, it made my day!

  3. Hello!

    Your art is really good, especially for 16 yeara old person. I like the way you draw things- I see really interesting synthesis and cartoony shapes and lines.

    I see also you do Steven Universe fanart. Very nice :)

    I would only suggest you to break your stated lazyness and give us more paintings. Also maybe try to play more with color if you like.