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  1. Here is mine. Cute and full of trees. Thank you for beautiful event and dragons!
  2. Can you turn stone gate around? On thumbnail it's turned, but I can't do it when placing....
  3. Okay, I figured how to play this on mobile but it's really unhandy. Anyway i built something and waiting for resources. It's quite fun thought.
  4. I can't play event on mobile because I can't even place a thing. Tapping doesn't work and I give up. Anyway, I'm very curious of hatchies and what will come out of them
  5. How to place things on mobile? I try to buy anything and tapping on exact place doesnt work And hatchies are cute!
  6. Does an Incubator option still work? I can't reach it's page via account settings but I can still get to it via direct link. Unfortunately, generating the incubator makes an error. I don't know if it's issue of using mobile dragcave or whatever else. I'm asking just for curiosity, because it isn't option I desperately need xD
  7. Good dragon, not my cup of tea, but overally well done!
  8. Thank you TJ and spriters for the release, I loved to see Pipio here and bam! I've got it in time of my birthday. ^.^ Aethers are also superb! Really lovely release, thank you very much!
  9. If you drew omen wyrm pair hugging each other it would be beautiful ^.^
  10. My hatchies will grow up soon... I love both breeds and I wanna hoard them ❤️ thank you spriters and TJ for your hard work that now we can enjoy! ^.^
  11. Thanks for really good dragons! I love both ^.^ very good job!
  12. Ashen hatchie totally won my love ^.^ they seem to be wingless and can be good counterpart for fells that I absolutely love...just can't wait for adults! Blue spots one are really good too, I want to see them grown up!
  13. I'm giving up for now with these eggs, connection is too slow and new eggs vanish faster than I can catch them. Because of older eggs mixing in I can't even see them. I'll check later...
  14. These new ones are really hard to catch... I saw only 2 alpine eggs in last time...uh
  15. I used it for first time...and bam! It has unnafected 4 eggs and 3 hatched and I catched the hatchlings. That was risky, and I'm not going to use it again in nearest time but it was very satisfying
  16. Why can't be ND's obtaining methods etc. discussed on this forum? It seems for me like any other game mechanics so why?
  17. Song ========== Ballpen
  18. I am unhappy Azure Glacewing that is roaring at everybody to bring me my food. I'm really hungry!
  19. Because you can't catch them until you get a chicken and lure them to you. How can I get a Guardian of Nature?
  20. Oh, lol Why this dog keeps barking all day