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  1. Am I only one who thinks, that monkey starter also looks good? XD

    But for scorbunny....eh...I'm afraid that it will be a bit disappointing. It even has a plaster on its nose, just alike typical Japanese depiction of person, who fights...

    But now waiting for evos, because I can't say anything more.

  2. 17 hours ago, TJ09 said:



    I haven't tested and I personally wouldn't risk it, but it actually probably would be upside down as a zombie.


    I can guarantee you, though, that even if it works it may break at any time in the future 

    Uhh, I'm very curious but I'm not sure if I want to sacrifice my only one upsy downsy :(

  3. Just now, alupe99a said:

    I think it's pronounced the Japanese way (it looks like a combination of "sakura" and "hana"), but that is really cute and fits the Valentine's theme.

    I now that it's taken from Japanese, but that's how I read it automatically. It's worth mentioning that this word pronounced in japanese sounds very alike polish way, if I'm not mistaken.

    Just wanted to share that cute fact!

  4. 5 hours ago, broadway_fiend said:

    Has anyone looked at the event today? The Sakuhara got one of those lovely avatars here at the beginning, instead of Tsoko as an introduction, and it’s absolutely gorgeous!


    edit: whoops lol I didn’t notice the replies above me were talking about the event haha

    I can't see it even after hard refresh on my mobile, can anyone post a screenshot?

  5. I'm really dissapointed about last episodes honestly. Everything is so sped up just because of some nonsense townie episode which not had to be necessarily...logical errors here and here...out of character behaviors, shifting morality, I could write more and more but I just don't want to...theres so much things. I'm watching it now only because I want to see how it ends. That's all. Just last hiatus gave me time to think about everything....and it lose all its charm. But that's just my opinion, if you like it then I have nothing against it.

    But the majority of fandom had so high expectations for last episode....huuuh.


    At least I like White Diamond and White Pearl designs. So monochrome.


  6. I'm the one who is for sprite updates and liked all of recent ones. Also I think that some sprites could be updated/fixed (for example Dorsals.... I would love too see them just anatomicaly fixed and shaded. Just only...pose can stay the same, it's good).

    Maybe there could be an option to keep/switch sprites for all users that have nostalgia or just like the older sprite. It would work just like this that you can toogle how sprites look on your own scroll? I know it could be hard to do, but this would maybe satisfy everyone? And it would apply to all dragons on specific scroll. Others would see a sprite which you want. Or whatever you would like how it could work(maybe it would add more variety to lineages...) Dunno, just posting an idea that I and gothh long time ago talked about in real life...

    But I think also that TJ could see this idea as an unnecessary, so I don't know....but updates should be done with approval of artist/all artists who has done the specific sprite, or her/his/their demand. And for sake of all lineages, they should preserve as much feel as old ones as it is possible. I mean pose, silhouette/body build, source of light, colors, like many other people said.