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  1. Scroll number? Where is it?

    I am one of users that would like to change their scroll name. I think that paying shards for changing it isn't bad. It would be for example 1000 shards and it would have some cooldown.

    Or without cooldown.

    Or it would be free, but with some cooldown.

    Or user would be able to change their username without limits, but if he does it too often, then he would face a cooldown. For example, a month or longer. Sounds easy?



    After reading your opinions in this and second different thread, I would say that last option seems to have more sense, especially when we can change our forum name without paying anything.

  2. I checked and it seems it's fault of exact version of Opera for android. I checked Chrome, Opera Mini and Opera Touch and I didn't have any issues. It must be something with normal Opera, which I used for months and it worked, but now not.

    It's shame because I was used to this exact browser, but reinstalling the app doesn't help. What can I do now, is just usi g another browser. 🙄


  3. Hello! For 2 or 3 days I have a problem.

    When I'm using DC on my android mobile it keeps logging me out at random moments. I've cleared cookies and it doesn't help. It becomes frustrating, especially when I try to catch the egg and it logs me out.

    If it will help, it doesn't happen when I'm using my pc and laptop. All devices use Opera browser.


    22 minutes ago, kerrikins said:


    So far I've found the chillies in the Alpine and Volcano, and the tinies in the Forest and Jungle. I've only been hunting the last couple of hours so I'm not sure whether they were available in both biomes at the same time, but I think they weren't based on TJ's post. I'm sure the userbase will have the times ironed out in no time. 


    Edit - I'll note that this comment from yesterday refers to the chilly eggs showing up in the Coast, and now that I think about it when I first started hunting I'm fairly sure that I saw them there, too. 

    This seems a little bit complicated, but thank you very much ^.^ I've caught so far some pygmies and one chillie.

  5. 16 minutes ago, angelicdragonpuppy said:

    @Nakase will you share the Easter eggs with us, after we've spent some time hunting? I see lots of things that I'm like "oh, maybe that's something... maybe??" but very few 100% obvious things. I thought folks smarter than me would find more, but from the comments here we're all in the dark! XD 

    I would love to know them all!!! 

  6. I'm not for that idea. Mystery eggs are good, and descriptions would be nonsense if I actually see a sprite.

    I like diversification of Cave and AP page, so just let it be as it is.

    Learning descriptions isn't hard, you can remember just one word or remember whole description visually how it looks without reading and you can catch almost every egg (unfortunately catching for example CB Gold is great pain...but making eggs visible wouldn't help it. It could make it even worse)

  7. Skysilk sounds cool...but I'm now waiting for pygmies to mature because Skysilk isn't my cup of tea. But sprite is good!



    I start to like them for some reason. So cute! OvO XD

  8. I support this, I would love to freeze eggs! Maybe it should work like something like a spell that causes egg shell to stay when hatchling hatches. It could be cast on egg before hatching, and when hatchling comes out from egg, shell stays untouched in some way(?). Or whatever, just throwing an idea, which can get rid of ethical issues. If somebody had similar idea, then sorry, I didn't read all posts.

  9. 1 hour ago, Swiftfire211 said:

    This is my egg! egg2_ani.gif.08364c4b2e7988b346b0e080d54e0673.gif

    It's not meant to be a reference to anything, just to be a cool circuit thing 😊References are fun though; maybe next year if I get to participate I'll make a reference to one of my favorite games...

    It's my biggest favorite, I love circuits!

  10. 5 minutes ago, VixenDra said:

    Gothic, old(2001) cRPG game of German origin, very popular in Europe, considered a classic of the genre in Poland (where I live), and probably the first game with a successful living, responsive, open world. A game from the times before RPGs got all destinations marked on the map - you had to find everything on your own, with the help of the clues from NPCs etc. Gothic and Gothic 2 are the games of my teen times^^ You may say ugly, but I say very immersive and enjoyable.

    This game even inspired the makers of The Witcher games, the pride of Polish game industry:)

    Yes! It was Gothic, holy ****, I forgot it XD