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  1. It's fun to watch how the people tries to observe game how it works just for making better and better strategies.

    For me, I'm just playing for fun and not thinking too much about it :D

    Also I adore spritework! It's very well made, dear spriters!

  2. Good to know that now we can discuss ND on the forums!

    As I have achevied a lot of my scroll goals, then I can start doing some NDs. Didn't knew about this whole catcher stuff etc.

    Today Gothh tried to make ND from little poor Imperial Fleshcrowne, but it died with no turning. I thought about this trying more with NDs, but with almost no knowledge. And now I found this topic and I'm glad it's here.

    When my current eggies and hatchies will grow up then I think I'll start some experiments!

  3. For me if even I dislike the sprite I try to be not too harsh. I love both breeds. Always I try to imagine them "in HD" as I like to say, and some flaws in sprite don't bother me. But I get your point! :) As an artist, I can say that not every drawing I make is my the best drawing, but despite that I can say that both Luminox sprite are beautiful and pretty well done.


    I'll collect of all these. It's nice that I can see updated Glowbacks. I would love to see again the sprites that were initially in CL to see exactly the progress.

    Goodjob, spriters and writers!