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  1. Ah I couldn't see the final outcome of my last fight...it was at least at level 100 this time. Thank you for awesome event, dragons and overally for how nice is staff of DC ^^
  2. They should look familiar to you xD They look really pretty!
  3. Congrats guys for new dragon! Want to see what comes out from these eggies!
  4. Wanna know who bringed to life this little shiny cutie? It's me!!! 🕷️ ^//o//^
  5. On mobile they're really big! Just look at these how they divide posts and writing box... This is really annoying.
  6. For me, it looks like there's zombie in this castle.... Maybe we are dead?
  7. It's fun to watch how the people tries to observe game how it works just for making better and better strategies. For me, I'm just playing for fun and not thinking too much about it Also I adore spritework! It's very well made, dear spriters!
  8. It seems that there's glitch with last one treat, if so....
  9. Just beggining with this game... (Edited)
  10. Aww, I see that my treat is in cave...It's so heartwarming!
  11. Good! Image reminds me a little plants vs zombies... Thank you for the event! It's so cool!
  12. I think it would be helpful and not too hard to implement, so full support.
  13. I'm excited to see, what comes out! Do you get any message of confirmation of your treat or not? I'm just curious.
  14. I didn't mean trick or treat, but thank you for info 😆 I'm just getting a little bit worried about it but maybe I should be more patient....
  15. Full support. Unfortunately I love zombie dragons and hate everything that stands in a way to obtain them... It can get very frustrating, especially if it comes to a dodge.
  16. Has anyone seen TJ last week? I had sent him some important things week ago and I didn't get any reply.
  17. Sent my own. That is so exciting ^.^
  18. Good to know that now we can discuss ND on the forums! As I have achevied a lot of my scroll goals, then I can start doing some NDs. Didn't knew about this whole catcher stuff etc. Today Gothh tried to make ND from little poor Imperial Fleshcrowne, but it died with no turning. I thought about this trying more with NDs, but with almost no knowledge. And now I found this topic and I'm glad it's here. When my current eggies and hatchies will grow up then I think I'll start some experiments!
  19. Aww, beautiful release! Thank you TJ and spriters for these candies! ❤️
  20. For me if even I dislike the sprite I try to be not too harsh. I love both breeds. Always I try to imagine them "in HD" as I like to say, and some flaws in sprite don't bother me. But I get your point! As an artist, I can say that not every drawing I make is my the best drawing, but despite that I can say that both Luminox sprite are beautiful and pretty well done. I'll collect of all these. It's nice that I can see updated Glowbacks. I would love to see again the sprites that were initially in CL to see exactly the progress. Goodjob, spriters and writers!
  21. Thank you! I'll check it later. I thought that it would get rid of typo problem, for example. But suggestion that Olympe made would also work, I'm talking about 24 hours of getting sure of taking another username.
  22. Full support. I would see it just as a text, like Shokomon showed, to not distract anybody too much.