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  1. Haha, thank you too! I'm sure I'll be able to bring more fancy dragons to this place!

    That robotic self-insertion looks great <3

    As much as I love Doom, then I haven't played Eternal, and I don't think I'll play it in near future, because art college and other things make me too much busy XD But...angelic robotic boys sound...intriguing... :3

    Keep it up, please <3


  2. Nice to see another Doom/doom clones and robotics enthusiast like me X'D

    Shame I'm not in-cave spriter yet because we would be so similar UvU but always something comes into before some of my and gothh sprites are released into cave and I hope we both get that good in it that it will change soon xD

    Also all of your art looks very nice ❤️ do more of them please! 

    This cyberwitch who ate the lizard is more than adorable. I hope that's not my lizard...

    Fancy persona anyway ^.^

  3. On 1/31/2020 at 6:49 PM, Sazandora said:

    I know dragon codes are just strings of random letters and numbers that serve as the ID cards for a bunch of pixels... but I can't help but to get unreasonably giddy whenever I catch dragons with the word Dio in their code. :wub: To me it's a reference to one of my favorite characters from my absolute favorite anime/manga series.

    You mean JJBA? :D I love gathering Dio codes too, last time I saw them everywhere every time I logged into DC.

    I'm really stupidly happy when I get my beloved -ok -0k codes, especially if it reminds me stupidly spelled Polish/English words. It amuses Gothh every time. 

    There is the list of my dear -ok's. XD

    OK team

  4. I don't know if TJ has changed something but few hours earlier I could easily grab items for tree decorating, but now it seems to be impossible. I'm talking about mobile version. Weird....

    But dragon and event look so good! :D

  5. 7 hours ago, Mewtie said:

    Here it is usually avoided to give dragons humanoid anatomy. I don't have much experience with the way TJ judges it, but on a previous version of the Tercorn Dragon, he did point out a strong resemblance to human hands.

    Thank you very much. I have real problem with that, but I'll try to give my dragon I'm making more animalistic "hands". Mainly I draw humans and humanoids and it seems to be a constant problem here 😂

  6. 11 minutes ago, olympe said:

    Look at the female two-headed lindwyrm and ask us again. Although I'd prefer forelimbs like humanoid arms with humanoid hands... ;) 

    Aw, thank you. I definitely prefer forelimbs you're talking about xD

  7. Even if poses are similar, they're good. Shame that pose isn't for male- I would use it to create funny lineages with similar posed parents ^.^

    There are more and more dragons in the cave and it's getting harder and harder to avoid similar poses.

    @VixenDra beautiful owl- one of my favorites! 

  8. Unfortunately this year I only obtained 1 zombie... Sometimes in the middle of month I can get at least one which is such a shame.

    Maybe we should get a post or a thread where all the trick and treats are shown with their authors and possible trivia? OvO