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  1. Haha, thank you too! I'm sure I'll be able to bring more fancy dragons to this place! That robotic self-insertion looks great <3 As much as I love Doom, then I haven't played Eternal, and I don't think I'll play it in near future, because art college and other things make me too much busy XD But...angelic robotic boys sound...intriguing... :3 Keep it up, please <3
  2. Nice to see another Doom/doom clones and robotics enthusiast like me X'D Shame I'm not in-cave spriter yet because we would be so similar UvU but always something comes into before some of my and gothh sprites are released into cave and I hope we both get that good in it that it will change soon xD Also all of your art looks very nice ❤️ do more of them please! This cyberwitch who ate the lizard is more than adorable. I hope that's not my lizard... Fancy persona anyway ^.^
  3. Woooah these Stratoses!!! ❤️ They're amazing, they are named exactly like one of my OCs xD gonna hoard them Crystallines are amazing too!
  4. Well, I'll try to do something good ❤️
  5. Are these your own characters? They look purely awesome, I love to see stuff like this here!
  6. Your art is very good! Looking forward for next artworks ❤️
  7. Lol, I ate them all. Mom will be angry xD Nice looking dragon. Is it lindwurm? Can't wait it to grow up!
  8. Can't wait for upcoming event and a dragon! 😎
  9. I'm lost for Ashes and Howlers totally 😆
  10. You mean JJBA? I love gathering Dio codes too, last time I saw them everywhere every time I logged into DC. I'm really stupidly happy when I get my beloved -ok -0k codes, especially if it reminds me stupidly spelled Polish/English words. It amuses Gothh every time. There is the list of my dear -ok's. OK team
  11. I don't know if TJ has changed something but few hours earlier I could easily grab items for tree decorating, but now it seems to be impossible. I'm talking about mobile version. Weird.... But dragon and event look so good!
  12. Happy Holidays guys! It will be amazing, as always!
  13. They're awesome! Aranoas are my favorite, I was sure when I saw them that they're based on arowanas! They look awesome with Aqualises. Thank you spriters and TJ for wonderful, non expected release!
  14. Wow. That was unexpected. I got a feeling I know these....but maybe not, it may be my bad memory
  15. Thank you for this Haloween. It was super fun!
  16. This wall is just impressive guys.
  17. Did you see Dohaerys' alts? I have seen these of Infinis (which are so much in my personal taste!), but not of Dohaerys. I just love seeing someone else alts ^.^
  18. Thank you very much. I have real problem with that, but I'll try to give my dragon I'm making more animalistic "hands". Mainly I draw humans and humanoids and it seems to be a constant problem here 😂
  19. Aw, thank you. I definitely prefer forelimbs you're talking about xD
  20. Is it okay to lindwurm to have forelimbs more similar to human hands? I don't know where can I ask for information about this.
  21. Even if poses are similar, they're good. Shame that pose isn't for male- I would use it to create funny lineages with similar posed parents ^.^ There are more and more dragons in the cave and it's getting harder and harder to avoid similar poses. @VixenDra beautiful owl- one of my favorites!
  22. Pterosaurish anatomy looks very interesting in these ones. Are they the first wyverns who have azdharchid body build? OoO That's not this that I love pterosaurs
  23. 4 more hours to seeing adults- I am very excited!
  24. Unfortunately this year I only obtained 1 zombie... Sometimes in the middle of month I can get at least one which is such a shame. Maybe we should get a post or a thread where all the trick and treats are shown with their authors and possible trivia? OvO