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  1. Oh man... Time to catch new eggs. It's awesome that we got new alts! We should give old dragons some love instead of just making only new ones!
  2. Oh, this dragon seems to be more colorful than I thought...and these horns! It will be great, I feel
  3. Happy Halloween! Maybe new dragon will have some sort of Phyllo- in its name.... I assume it will be based some way on fall dead leaves
  4. Sent my own entry, I hope it will make it UvU
  5. I don't know how I would take this gun from her, I would be set on fire too...
  6. I know this Mewtie's work... awesome release!
  7. Staterae looks like big, divine ancestor of all Xenos. It's just beautiful. I'm proud I have a pair of them Overally this release is gorgeous! Unfortunately, I haven't got all of new xenos yet
  8. I love all new Xenowyrms- Ke'maro is my boy ❤️ also I can't wait for Flows to grow up
  9. It looks awesome! Maybe somebody should try to sprite this season and make it to the cave? it would be nice
  10. At last thank you for this wonderful birthday! So much beautiful dragons, it really helped me to get through this hard time I had recently... UvU
  11. Awww...thank you very much guys ;v; it really made me feel better at these harsh times UvU
  12. Lovely!!! Thx for great release! I'm charmed by these blancback x bauta hybrids... OvO
  13. I don't mind 7 days personally, if it would help you only tried a compromise between 3 and 7 days...making this event any longer would help!!! but well...it doesn't make sense if ToT is always 7 days long and FoE much shorter. It would be better even for me because I don't have to hurry with catching everything.
  14. I support this, but not maybe 7 day long drop but shorter intervals between spawning each egg. I would suggest rather 5 day long event, or 3 day long with short intervals. Like 5 minutes between spawns. Also idea with dynamic timer would be fine for me. Gathering eggs from previous year would be great, why not to implement it? This game is about collecting, so if we are able to collect all dragons breeds from all years, then why not apply this to FoE or even ToT?
  15. Sweet to hear UvU I just wanted to cheer everyone up with it's cuteness, it's hard time for us all...
  16. Great! I'm really happy you like it ❤️ But hey, I'm really suprised that someone could think about Space Balls... ovO
  17. Hey! In case if you were wondering, that little cutie is my job: And it's basically my oc raptor pet, which wore a hat for you all. I doodled him with me: He's really fluffy and despite looking like a creature from some undead land, is very friendly and derpy. Loves strawberies more than a cookie monster loves cookies. Thank you everyone for this beautiful event ❤️ All of eggs submitted are really awesome!
  18. Yaaay time to hunt! I want to get my own egg ❤️
  19. Awesome piece ❤️ you're really talented in pixel art (and not only)
  20. I play DC for few years and honestly I didn't got any upsie-downsie so please, don't remove this event. I want someday to get one. Anyway, if someone really wants, then it could be optional but personally I don't see it as necessary action to make this event optional.
  21. Hey, @Malcorium, can I use your scribbly starsinger for my sig? It's so beautiful ❤️