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  1. grabbed--will send along to Lagie! thanks!
  2. Got'em both, thanks! @Kovia and @Herk I grabbed yours, too--thanks so much!
  3. offered a dummy, thanks! I think I have a copper/silver pair that could give me a checker if they'd pop a z....
  4. So it goes! Good luck next week!
  5. I thought the same thing!
  6. Got 'em both, Lagie--thanks!
  7. EG Tidal from AP-- Claim my eggs/hatchlings! https://dragcave.net/lineage/z8qPG
  8. I grabbed it--thanks, Lagie!
  9. I do love these--they pair well with anything! Thanks! And oh yeah--raffle! Thanks, Lagie!
  10. I've got a lineage going just like that--thanks so much!
  11. Messy Tan Ridgewing, but if someone just wants one to have a z of each sprite etc, here's an AP find-- Claim my eggs/hatchlings! https://dragcave.net/lineage/Z1Kia EG Fever Wyvern Claim my eggs/hatchlings! https://dragcave.net/lineage/z4nYA
  12. Thanks! And thanks for the monarch @Lagie
  13. Got them--thanks, dragonpuck!
  14. Grabbed it, thanks! Oh boy, oh boy! I've bred my first 5th gen Z!!! Mama was my first 4th, born at the start of last October! So getting a fifth didn't take long...not! Papa was born in the middle of April, and this is their ninth offspring. i recently bred one more fourth gen, but who knows when I'll get another, so a mate for this 5th gen seems a long way off. I do have a pair of 4th gen z'pygmies, though--so fingers crossed! https://dragcave.net/lineage/ZDqPD ETA: just bred fourth gen #4, so maybe a mate for this baby will come along before too long...
  15. Got it--hid it, Thanks, Lagie!
  16. thus did it find its way to my scroll--thanks!
  17. Thanks, and thanks @Ruby Eyes too!