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  1. nabbed the daydream, thanks! ETA: I have a half-sib, too! But want it to be safe--please pm if you want this, and I'll send by one way pm! https://dragcave.net/lineage/ze1p4
  2. Just sent you a pm, thought I'd post here just in case!
  3. It's just a total cr4p shoot. I bred 5 second gen pygmies late last night in under an hour--but I had bred hundreds and hundreds of pairs for 2 measly eggs in the 5 days or so before. Sometimes it just feels like tedious hard work, I know. Now that I've gotten my pair or two of green nilias, I don't bother going through and using fertility on every nilia I own--just too boring!
  4. I got a couple z's yesterday, but it was well below the average of chance--just not a good z'day.
  5. Looking good, @darkdreamer253!
  6. it's zalf and zalf hee hee thanks!
  7. I did breed a black alt into my lineage, but this is my first vine! So happy! https://dragcave.net/lineage/zVim9
  8. But of course! Ah, the joys of breeding z's when you don't want one!
  9. Nabbed it, thanks, and thanks, @purplehaze!
  10. Thinking of you and everyone else posting in the last week! Stay safe, all--virtual hugs and good thoughts for all!
  11. female Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  12. will be male I thought that looked like one for your scroll, @purplehaze! u r welcome!
  13. and I got the other 2, thanks! Thanks!
  14. You are welcome, @purplehaze and @BringsTheSnow!
  15. That IS a great code! Too bad I don't have a neglected to trade...