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  1. Going to try this one once we done with the truck project and finished the PC upgrade. Just waiting for the new brake kit and American racing truck wheels to arrive and get installed on the truck and I'll get my part for the pc upgrade. Looking to place FFXIV as well.
  2. Adorable Alfredo, he really looks like a naughty one.
  3. Pepper looks so cute! Share some pics especially of her back fur pattern.
  4. Went to camping near the river with the kids, woke up early hearing lots of birds.
  5. Had to wake up early today for about 4hours trip to attend an event.
  6. Reminds me of my laundry! Been busy trimming the plants today.
  7. We're planning to try Cedar Rapids this year. Been modding the truck for the 2-weeks long trip to Iowa. The led light bars and lund tonneau cover are on the way and will be installed next week. I don't like traveling through plane as well, off-road is much more fun to me.
  8. Not much into traveling but trail riding. Been to at least 5 states and been planning to visit the south east Asian countries.
  9. Keep safe out there and send some snow here in GA.
  10. Enjoying Monopoly now with the kids. Chess and Games of the General are my favs.
  11. Catching up on One Piece after about a year.
  12. Well, basically when I started playing during a daylight and then I noticed the daylight is about to break again.
  13. They better have better surprises after all the waiting.
  14. Makes me wanna go switch and try this game.
  15. Not into builder games but that looks pretty good.
  16. This sounds exciting to try! Gonna check it out when it is ready.
  17. I(we) should be finishing the installation of new suspension and fender flares on the truck but got to finish setup the PC and install the Photoshop for my sister.
  18. Allergic to some kinds of seafood.
  19. Used to think of getting one before until life gets in the way. Might consider one in the future
  20. Salute to this brave dog.