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  1. I found it and thought of Dragcave. I feel like it's a pretty cool game, wish there could be a more interaction with the dragons themselves. Does anyone else play it or just me?
  2. So, I'm in Slytherin, and honestly from the slytherin POV not much makes sense. It's kind of annoying how Snape still treats the player like crap even if we're in his house. In the books, any kind of slight the slytherins did in front of Snape was brushed off, why is our character so different? Also there's disappointingly little of Bill Weasley... That said I play to see him and Tonks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. It's coming out in January!!!! The 25th I think... then again they've been saying that every year since I was like 15 so I'm taking it with a grain of salt.
  4. I KEEP GETTING BOOTED OUT OF THE GAME. Which hurts my soul since I was halfway through the route for Nadia. I have to change my phone's battery so hopefully that'll help. D:
  5. Ok but I just finished Six of Crows and am in love with the series. Kaz is such a complex character. I'm in the middle of Crooked Kingdom right now actually.