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  1. i got upside down mint... does that mean the sprite is going to stay upside down forever?
  2. i just didn't want the empty spaces taken over by resource objects :c
  3. thank you so much for spamming resources all over my fort and blocking all the paths with random stuff and completely ruining the fort's aesthetic, it was really nice, always wanted my fort saved like this... 😭
  4. here's my final design too
  5. mine so far... i can't control myself and keep changing it lol
  6. AH it worked finally! i know it doesn't stop me from being attacked, but now i can get xp 😛
  7. what is a hard refresh? i'm tired of having my fort destroyed and not being able to fight back
  8. ...why everything in my fort is suddenly out of their places, some stuff is even missing, and i'm back to level 44 when i had reached 50 already...????????????????
  9. my vampires haven't been able to successfully transform an egg in a long time 😞 i just keep collecting dead shells instead...
  10. I Would Like to Update My List! Scroll name: Wei55 Forum name: Wei55 Birthday: 18 december Revised List: 1. Neglected 2. Black Alt mate for this guy 3. Any kind of black alt hatchie for freezing 4. Any egg with a cool code
  11. Happy Birthday to Me! Scroll: Wei55 Forum name: Wei55 Birthday: December 18 List: 1. Neglected 2. non-messy sitting Black Alt hatchie for freeze 3. Any lineage Bolt egg 4. CB Blue Lunar egg {my favorite dragon is pipio pygmy}
  12. so, is the new egg going to start dropping when it's EDT midnight, AKA in eight hours?
  13. aeon wyvern eggs raised from 800 shards to 900 shards.... i was so close
  14. people saying they don't like how it has a hogwarts theme can always, you know, not grab the eggs then.
  15. why not all breeds turn green tho?
  16. all the biomes are showing regular eggs now
  17. i'm pretty sure the problem is not on me being too slow
  18. @Dorchet but i'm being really fast with an eye on the clock and even the volcano and coast biomes are just... empty
  19. why are all the biomes empty to me?
  20. how hard is it to find the alternative version of the ribbon dancer and the wrapping wing ones?? edit: oh i guess i misunderstood it! oops