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  1. Have: 2 CB Gold Florets - Teleport Want: Offers, CB Aeons
  2. Have: - 2g Tinsel from gold - Teleport Want: Offers
  3. Have: 2G Gold Tinsel from gold - Teleport Want: Offers, Neglected
  4. bump, giving this another 24hrs Taken thank you ❤️
  5. I have a CB female gold tinsel ready to breed with any CB male valentine of your choice. Dm me offers, I have a heavy preference for CB and what you have right now, I'm busy and might not be available when you have the IOU dragon available.
  6. Have: - 2 ER (under 2 days) halloween hatchis w Spriter's Alts in base -Telepart Want: CB offers, 2g hybrids from named parents