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  1. When I was around 6-7, my mom always told us that if I didn't brush my teeth every night, I'd get some kind of weird disease, which actually doesn't exist. One night she wasn't home to tell me to brush my teeth, so I forgot that day.


    In my dream, I was some kind of cream bunny from Build-A-Bear Workshop, and I was brushing my teeth in the mirror. Then, I grabbed the wrong toothpaste, instead grabbing some weird purple Shrek toothpaste that tasted really bad. As soon as I put it in my mouth, I transformed into some kind of purple demon bunny.


    And then I woke up and was too scared to brush my teeth for the rest of that week.

  2. All dragons will end up going through a rebellious phase when they become mature hatchlings. They end up 'locking themselves in their caves' (fogging themselves), changing their own names at will, and can sometimes run off of your scroll with no warning.

  3. Dragons can’t instantly breed. They have to take each other on dates, meet their families and get approval from the parents (if not cave born). They also refuse to let you abandon their eggs, and constantly show you bad sketches of their child.

  4. 3 minutes ago, LibbyLishly said:

    No, the idea of the game is you pick a dragon name from the scroll of the poster above you, not one off your own scroll.


    oh wow I'm dumb


    I'm Not A Witch I'm Your Wife