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  1. Collect every type of dragon from the caves, and have them all collectively scream at a marble statue of the GoN. What happened to the Alt Sweetlings?
  2. Na, I’m good. I just pop em into a hatchery ER and they normally do fine on their own. Thanks for offering though
  3. Darn, now I actually have to pay child support (views) for all those eggs I bred to the AP. I don’t like watching the kids I bred die, so I guess the wilderness will get a few new inhabitants in a week or so.
  4. I managed to grab a CB Heartstealer a few minutes ago on my phone. Personally easier for me, because I can tap an egg in less time than it takes me to drag my mouse over to click it. Maybe try something with a smaller screen?
  5. I wonder what the dragons think, with +100 people just sitting outside their cave waiting to steal their eggs. I know the dragons don’t pay attention to the three eggs that they leave unattended, but how would they not notice the massive crowd
  6. If you’re talking cave drops, they come back to the cave every five minutes. If you mean the Val 2018 eggs, they’ll come on the 14th and last for a couple of days.
  7. If you have too many dead eggs/dragons on your scroll at a given time, whether it be from neglected experiments, biting fails, or just plain being mean, a dragon breed known for protecting other dragons (Guardian, Zyumorph, etc.) will come and 'avenge' the dragons, making your scroll go 'missing'.
  8. Make a topic with neon coloured words all over it, and use horrible grammar on the post. It's sure to make the current mods think you're unique and funny, and certainly mature enough for the spot! How do I make hybrid dragons?
  9. Just noticed that this guy has a spriter’s alt in his lineage. Not sure if it’s worth anything, but have plans to breed a Thuwed into the lineage soon, and I’ll be happy to send out eggs when I can.
  10. I was surprised that I managed to grab 'A Special Day' and 'A Special Night' to go along with it. I was honestly expecting them to be names that got snatched up years ago.
  11. I, WildestRose, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  12. Any kind of wet fabric. If I'm already using it or if it's on me, that's fine. If I leave it for a couple of minutes, that's fine. But if it's been an hour or so, I'll treat that fabric like it's got some kind of disease on it. Even if I'm the one who used it.
  13. I'd probably be too scared to get a tattoo on my body (given my fear of needles), but if I had to get one I'd probably want one of some country flags, or of a nice flower, probably a bluebell.
  14. (Finally figured out how to link my scroll in my signature :D) Blackberry Glow
  15. Do You Ever Just (sorry, my scroll name's the same as my forum name.)
  16. Oooh, this looks interesting! It'll probably take me ages to finish though. Forum name: WildestRose Song or work: Jamaica National Anthem Current generation/progress: Only have the first CB Male, and one other CB egg. CBs/Breeds still needed: (Depending on what the egg genders to) 3-4 CB male Magelights, 4-5 CB female Magelights
  17. Father: Pure Canadian. All his relatives that I know of this live here. Mother: Jamaica, and Europe.
  18. Keep: Alt. Black Abandon: Aeon Kill: Albino Neglected, 2G Thuwed, 3G Spriter's Alt
  19. I only really use one, unless my dragons are growing really slow. They normally seem to grow just fine under one hatchery.
  20. Go fish. A CB gold from late 2017?
  21. My biggest fears are getting shots from the doctor, and being buried alive. The shots are because I just don't like the feeling of having to be stabbed every couple of years. Yeah, I know a lot of people tell me 'Oh, it's just a little pinch.' but it doesn't work like that for me. I don't really like it when people punch holes in my body, no thank you. Being buried alive, I just think it would be terrifying to be thrown into a grave, the people burying me knowing I'm still breathing and feeling like them. The feeling of having to sit in a coffin (or just plan dirt), still alive while you slowly run out of oxygen sounds horrible.