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    Siyat Revolution Lineage

    Tfw only one Siyat (+one egg) so far. Anyways, I'm probably just going to name all of mine a shade of green, blue, or purple, and add something like "Revolutionist" or "Rebel" to the front of their name. This also sounds like a really cool idea for a lineage, so I'm excited to see what we'll do with it!
  2. WildestRose

    Siyat Breeding Plans

    I'm probably just gonna go with something simple. For example, all of G1 is green, all of G2 is blue, all of G3 is purple, then repeat.
  3. WildestRose

    2018-07-29 - July Dragon Release (Part 2)

    Hatched my egg with 4d left: turned out blue. Didn't use any BSAs. I'm gonna side with the theory that the day of the week influences hatching colour?
  4. WildestRose

    2018-07-29 - July Dragon Release (Part 2)

    "Ugh, did you SERIOUSLY just put my dragon on the green team? His best friend is on the PURPLE team, and now you're going to ruin their friendship! Someone's going to accidently breathe fire on each other, then they'll start fighting, and they'll hate each other, and-"
  5. WildestRose

    What is your current bad luck.

    Decided to breed some dragons out to the AP. Ended up auto abandoning these really cool codes. Whyyyyy. https://dragcave.net/lineage/inkV4 https://dragcave.net/lineage/HERNE So if you collect cool codes and find these in the AP in 3-4 days, you'll really like these ones!
  6. WildestRose

    Where Do You Trade?

    I usually use the hub, because I find that I get plenty of responses way quicker, and when I'm looking for something specific, I can just search through the system instead of having to look through pages of forum posts to see if anyone's trading what I want. However, if I have a more lengthy/detailed request that can't fit onto the "Wants" section, I'll post it onto the forums. This doesn't happen too often though, because often I'm only looking for one specific thing.
  7. WildestRose

    2018-07-29 - July Dragon Release (Part 2)

    Yep, same here. Was about to go to sleep, but then I saw the new eggs and was like 'never mind, I can wait :)'
  8. WildestRose

    Dragon Codes V2.0

    Got Zokor, which sounds like a sort of cool wizard name. "You stand no chance against the almighty Zokor!"
  9. WildestRose

    What is your current bad luck.

    Yesterday, I saw a chicken in the volcano biome. Accidently clicked the next biome to fast, went back to the volcano, and tried to click the slot where the chicken was. Turns out someone else already beat me to it, and instead I got a common. Got egglocked for the rest of the night.
  10. WildestRose

    ANSWERED:Show Egg in Vampire Confirmation

    Sounds like a pretty good idea, and doesn't seem like it would be a major hassle to implement. Supported!
  11. WildestRose

    Smack Your Keyboard

    Look what Katie eats, jam, turkey, rice, apples, yams, sausages, very classy delightful food. sefcfysdfmsj
  12. WildestRose

    > How high can you count before a mod posts?

    R.I.P Counter One
  13. WildestRose

    Change One Letter

  14. WildestRose

    Go Fish - Dragon Edition

    I don't even think I have a drake on my scroll yet, go fish. A dragon with a pun name that involves the breed of dragon (for example Khusaned Pillow)?
  15. WildestRose

    Stupid things you've done on dc

    I was joking with my brother about how you could inbreed dragons on DC with no problem. Chose two dragons (one of which I thought didn't give eggs very often), and assumed that it would fail, knowing that one of my Prizes that I bred from pretty much never gave eggs. Turns out that was actually the wrong dragon. Whoops.
  16. WildestRose

    Personal statistics

    Name: I'm just gonna keep this to my username. Gender: Female Sexuality: Pan Height: 5'4 Hair: Dark brown, but naturally fades to a lighter brown at the ends. Eyes: Heterochromia. Left eye is completely dark brown. Right eye is half hazel and half blue. Skin: Farmers tan, I'm too lazy to actually buy sunscreen. Current location: Alberta Zodiac (Tropical Western): Taurus the Bull Zodiac (Chinese): Year of the Monkey Zodiac (Egyptian): Anibus Animals: Mythical animals, deers and such. Color: Mint green Gemstones: I've collected a lot, too many to list down. Flower: Purple Tulips Element: Earth Lucky number: 16 Season: Spring Time of day: Afternoon MBTI (unreliable but still interesting): INFP Hogwarts House: Slytherin probably, I don't read/watch Harry Potter. Music: Any music with a sort of deep 'storyline' in the lyrics. Fish: Salmon Meat: Medium beef steaks Fruit: Pink Lady and Pacific Rose apples, bananas Plants and vegetables: Potatoes, peas, carrots, corn. Drink: Pepsi, Coke, Sprite, Green Tea, Nut Tea Alcoholic beverage: Red Stripe Beer Dessert: Dark Chocolate, Yogurt Popsicles Deities and religions: Wiccan. I'm eclectic, but I've mostly learned from a Celtic branch. Philosophies: Does the Wiccan Rede and Rule of Three count? I dunno. Quote: "We are all made of stardust." Hobbies: Youtube, occasional gardening, Pagan studies, drawing (not very good at it though), guitar (again, not too good). Article of clothing: Casual comfy clothes, and my metal pentacle from Quebec. Something fun(ny)/free space: I can't run full speed for more than 10 seconds without losing all my breath and my legs starting to hurt. I should probably start going to the gym or something...
  17. WildestRose

    Dreaming of DragonCave

    I think a few months ago I had a weird dream that I was a Tri-Horn Wyvern, and there was some kind of war on my middle school playground, and that all my classmates that I remembered were on my side in the war too, and were DC dragons as well. For some reason I had a rocket launcher, and then a Magi dragon teleported behind me and said in a Mario voice "Luigi, why do you have a rocket launcher?" I woke up crying from that dream for some reason. I wanna have it again so I can see the rest of the battle.
  18. WildestRose

    Great Lineages Found in the AP

    Thanks to @Dirtytabs for dropping this Nocturne/Shimmer staircase into the AP!
  19. WildestRose

    Names you can't believe you got.

    Child of the Angels I was just tossing in the first names that came to my mind, and I'm surprised this one worked given how nice it sounds. Fits great for a White x Radiant Angel.
  20. WildestRose

    This or the other.....

    Die. Embarrassment or guilt?
  21. WildestRose

    What not to say to a Newbie

    You'll need to collect some green dragons. The more you have, the more they won't like your current background, and they'll slowly paint over your old background. How do I teleport dragons?
  22. WildestRose

    What not to say to a Newbie

    Every single time they're ready, duh! Don't think about saving them for a time when you'll actually need them, who cares if that lineage you've been working on for years misgenders, and the whole thing is ruined? Why do my holiday dragons only have one gender?
  23. WildestRose

    Saddest Dragon Name On The Scroll Above You

    I'm Sorry If I'd Hurt Anyone
  24. WildestRose

    Which Breed (Or Breeds) Of Dragon Is Your Favorite?

    Prize dragons. I’m planning to start hoarding them soon, even if their lineages are super messy.
  25. WildestRose

    Bad Ideas Dragon Cave Edition

    There's no egg/hatchling limit anymore.