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  1. Ooo I didn't realise this was a thread! Show off your work! Forum name: cheesecake__ Lineages you made:  Stay - Gabrielle Aplin Add to front page? Sure Will you breed siblings for others if requested? Yes
  2. I have a fear of wasps because when I was in primary school, I was stood under a tree which apparently had a wasps nest in it. A small child decided to come over and hit the tree with a stick, which angered a few wasps and they decided to take it out on me 😧 I only managed to get stung once (somehow) but I was a dramatic 10 year old, so I now imagine it as being extremely painful (I can't really remember exactly how much it hurt though). However, I like bees because they don't really harm people without reason. I remember when I wore a flower bobble in my hair and they were all attracted to it. I wasn't really bothered by it though xD
  3. It wasn't one of the best, but I still enjoyed it! Don't you guys think that there should be more alien villains?
  4. Upsizes ___________________________________ Yellow
  5. I wasn't that bothered during the episode, until I found a huge cobweb in my bedroom. It really wasn't good timing. Was it just me who kind of felt sorry for the big spider when it started suffocating? :c
  6. I absolutely love the colour yellow! I always have, even though I'm not sure why - I think it's just because it's bright and I relate it to happiness
  7. I've just finished The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, and am now (somehow) halfway through Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.
  8. Gaia Xenowyrm Please take good care of it!
  9. Chrono Xenowyrm @osean enjoy! Free to someone who needs it
  10. Ooh I didn't know about that but I just read it on the wiki, maybe they are! Yeah I think I saw a different one when refreshing again. I guess it's just a glitch with the coding. Thanks for the help
  11. I was bored so I was searching through the wilderness when I realised that there was a fogged egg/hatchling hiding in there. How is this even possible? I thought you could only release adults/frozen hatchlings? https://prnt.sc/kp0ue3 (I hope this is posted in the correct section, I apologise if not!)
  12. cheesecake__

    Z Project

    Z Coded Kingcrowne Dragon np @dragonpuck hope you enjoy! Free to a good home
  13. I was just about to ask if the site was down, but I'm having the same issues ^^
  14. I'm such an idiot. One of my eggs was sick so I was like "okay I need to fog it", but for some reason I decided to subconsciously abandon it ;-;
  15. I just saw a Gold in the biomes but I wasn't really concentrating so I was reading the descriptions really slowly and by the time I had registered that it was a gold, someone had already grabbed it 😧 It was my first time seeing one!