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  1. So with sin I condemn you demon play, demon out! Local search algorithms and optimization problems
  2. I have a dragon with the code SXSZi, and I'm wondering if naming her "I'm SXSZi and I Know It" would be inappropriate.
  3. New ACC dragon(s) dubBi Downer I'm SXSZi and I Know It P Sherman 42 Wallaby Way sDNnY
  4. Adeline - Emma Hewitt It's such a beautiful song, and it gets so little recognition because it's so different from her usual music.
  5. I have a lot of really strange dreams. I recently had one where people's faces were made out of eggs. Like, your face still looked normal until you broke an egg, and then yolk would start coming out of your face, and you had to take another egg and sort of push it back into your face, and your face would be normal again, and if you didn't replace your broken face-eggs you'd get really sick. I also had a dream the other night where the only part I remember is someone saying to me "You know, I really don't feel bad for him! Everyone knows that when your car gets sucked into a tornado, the first thing you have to do is turn your lights on so that all of the other drivers in the tornado can see you! But all HE did was sit there and cry!" and me saying back "To be fair, that's exactly what I'd do in that situation."
  6. List of heavensin's ACC dragons LRKup at the Sky I nvoVR Saw You Coming dubBi Downer I'm SXSZi and I Know It P Sherman 42 Wallaby Way sDNnY B2crn This Way H2Lly Wood Sign 3dDIE Cochran BO0ut Strap Protocol GUlyf of the Farallones 55 MPHis the Speed Limit Power sRGe1 LXVVe Story f8aaT Chance buYSE Bee gaI8S Being Pals You Don't Gotta Go To WurKf O8VRE and Over and Over Again 5HmE2 On Me Now Spilling Wine in the Bath TuqB1 M0V6R and Shaker t0oaT My Own Horn ShrImPSauce buqse La Verdad Hatched v4Egg CCAHN You Believe It X0bBY Town USA h0Nd6 Fit rEgec Operator I Don't But yOud0 The Charlotte h5Nits asBstos Siding Y2K27 Bug Bill Nye7E The Science Guy
  7. Adeline - Emma Hewitt Dancing With Our Hands Tied - Taylor Swift
  8. I have dR4qN, which I think is sort of funny.
  9. heavensin

    Misheard Lyrics

    I have a slight hearing problem, so I mishear lyrics all the time. I thought Green Light by Lorde was saying "On zombie island, come get my things" when it was really "Honey, I'll come get my things." I also thought that the first lyric to Crown by Birds of Tokyo was "Paul, look into my mouth" when it was really "Pour milk into my mouth." I thought it was funny because I have a cousin named Paul who's a dentist
  10. EXtra kevek if duggjcykty: typing with ice-cold fingers! That was a rough start, but I turned things around!
  11. These are my favorite lineages from the AP: https://dragcave.net/lineage/9j7m6 https://dragcave.net/lineage/E5Muw https://dragcave.net/lineage/TeTTr https://dragcave.net/lineage/a0Dg2